Habits that make us look older

 If you are thinking about the growing wrinkle on your face or the growing white hair you see while standing on the mirror, you should know that there are many habits that can make us look older, as follows: 1….

Various disease that makes sleep tiring

 Sleep is an opportunity to rest the body and the various organ systems in order to re-fit it when you wake up. However, various diseases can make the body does not really break, so it woke up in a state…

Grumpy Pixie, The saddest cat face

 For cat lovers, of course the name Grumpy Cat is not strange. Cat-faced and bitchy fierce that many memes used to joke in cyberspace. But Grumpy Cat now has a rival, the Pixie. The difference, as the antithesis of Grumpy…

Claire Lomas, a paraplegic woman finished marathon race for 16 days

 Claire Lomas a paraplegic woman finish the race successfully completed the marathon in 16 days. He was trying to fight the pain and keep fighting to stay up and running in order to solve the biggest challenge of his life….

The bride married without groom

 The main requirement for getting married is a groom and bride. But a woman in the United States apparently does not require these conditions to be married. Nadine Schweigert, a 36-year-old woman from Fargo, North Dakota, United States, has just…