A chinese mother gave birth to 12 twin babies

A chinese mother gave birth to 12 twin babies

Jinan Huang, a 33-year-old mother, gave birth to 12 twin babies in Shanghai on isnin days ago. Jinan, is now in stable condition after childbirth for 31 hours, given the opportunity for a week by the kingdom to decide on a baby who will be chosen to be raised. As reported jomberita.
twelve twins A chinese mother gave birth to 12 twin babies

“I was with my husband may not ensure choice,” said Jinan who talk to reporters shortly after the miraculous birth occurred.

“But we have to seriously consider raising a baby boy born on the order of the two. He is the heaviest baby and by his deep, we hope that the baby will live a long and someday we may keep in their old age. ”

“We’re certainly not going to pick a girl,” her husband added Jinan. “We are confident with our decision.” Another tray eleven infants who were not selected by the Jinan and her husband will be thrown from the top of the mountain, according to provisions set forth in Law sudak Twin Births China. Since the law ‘One Family One Child’ proclaimed in 1983, the kingdom of China have killed more than 65 million baby twins in the country.

Jinan, who claimed that free’ve spent years trying to have children, strongly denies accusations that free she took fertility pills, a practice which also promised the death penalty in China. “I do not understand why this should not happen,” she added. “To all the people of China and our esteemed leaders, I beg apology for the birth of our twins were shameful and irresponsible.”

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