Rare disease, giant mole grow on his back

Rare disease, giant mole grow on his back

Laughing the days surrounding Didier Montalvo, 6 years. Colombian boy is now able to grow like other normal children after surgical removal of a giant mole on his back a success.
rare disease Rare disease, giant mole grow on his back
Didier suffered from a rare condition called Congenital Nevus Melanocystic (CMN). This is a giant mole birthmarks are growing very quickly that blanketed the entire back and part of his stomach. Although it was feared could turn into vicious, his mother, Luz, has no operating costs for the fruit of his heart.
giant mole Rare disease, giant mole grow on his back
Rare condition that makes your back like a turtle Didier makes him and his family were ostracized people in his neighborhood. Didier is considered the curse of disease due to pregnancy that occurs during the eclipse. Residents fear they are infected with the evil forces when adjacent to Didier. Thus, Didier can not be baptized or go to school.

“I want to grow normal.but mole does not let me,” he said as quoted Dailymail.

Thanks to leading plastic surgeon from England, Neil Bulstrode, ‘shell’ behind Didier successfully removed. Bulstrode fly to the Colombian capital Bogota to help the team of surgeons remove birthmarks of Didier. Because it feared the growth of giant mole can be a malignant tumor.

After surgical removal of the CMN, the doctors conducted a series of skin grafting. This marathon operation cost £ 45,000 equivalent to Rp 669 million.
tumor surgery Rare disease, giant mole grow on his back

The Evening Standard, Bulstrode said, “Didier is the worst case I’ve ever seen. CMN covering three-quarters of the circumference of his body.”

“Although he had to undergo a painful operation, but it’s not worth it. I am very pleased to see it now and see it recover,” said Bulstrode.
kids disease Rare disease, giant mole grow on his back
Although the cause is not known, experts suspect CMN due to changes in the development of skin cells during embryonic due to gene mutations. Bulstrode perform surgical removal of the 40 cases of CMN every year at Great Ormond Street Hospital and his experience with the doctors in Bogotá acknowledged as one of the most remarkable.

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