girl drink gasoline

The girl who likes to drink gasoline

This week one of the shows in the United States, My Strange Addiction, featuring a girl who likes to drink gasoline, the Shannon. This girl should save gallons of gasoline in the kitchen and always drank 12 teaspoons a day.

drinking gasoline was considered a new bad habit after smoking and alcohol are equally damaging organs. Shannon aware of dangerous behavior. However, after drinking gasoline he felt better.

 The girl who likes to drink gasoline

“It’s like sweet and sour. First sip it like the back of the throat on fire. Although ill, it can make me feel better,” said Shannon.

Last year it consumed more than 19 liters of petrol which means it can take you from Jakarta to Bandung with the Toyota Avanza. Portion of gasoline will be able to be reduced because of the price of fuel continues to rise.

New York Department of Health said, drinking gasoline can cause diarrhea and vomiting. If consumed in large quantities causes loss of consciousness and death.

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