Living and Moving with bicycle

Living and Moving with bicycle

Tim Flores lives in Bellingham, Washington. He has 10 years of living without a car. That is, as much as possible to all activities by bicycle or on foot. Except for the traveling distance, then use public transport.
living without car Living and Moving with bicycle

End of March, Tim Flores had to move apartments. Certainly, the move means that the apartment must-haul transport of goods. Well, now the challenge for the team. How do I use the truck when it is not at all?

Fortunately, the team has a community of friends who want to help cyclists. As a result, nine friends packed all his belongings, including sofas, dining table, set of rooms and beds. All tied up in their bikes and go deh to the new apartment.

It took 45 minutes for a distance of slow cycling five miles, but flocks cyclists can arrive at a new apartment without a scratch.

Flores said that he hopes people will rethink their reliance on the car – for the sake of their own health and environmental health.

“Not everyone can move around the house with the bike, but you can ride a bike to work once a week,” he said.

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