Jenny pippa middleton

A mother spent $ 10,000 to look like Pippa Middleton


A mother from Miami, Florida revealed that she has fallen in love with the physical form of Pippa Middleton since watching the Royal Wedding of  William and Kate Middleton. Therefore a woman named Jenny Fizgerald is also intended to change the physical form that is more similar to Kate’s sister is.
Jenny pippa middleton A mother spent $ 10,000 to look like Pippa Middleton
Reported by the Daily Mail, the mother of two children reported to have cost up to $ 10,000 (more than Rp91 million) to form a butt to butt like Pippa. According to him, back in shape is key to finding love again.

Jenny’s body does have similarities with Pippa feature acknowledges that initially he felt the back of his body is too large. Therefore, a woman who has six years of widowhood is afraid of no man who would approach him.

“When I saw how many men around the world that responds to body shape Pippa with admiration, I decided to take drastic steps,” he said.

After browsing to find out about how to change the appearance, Jenny decided to undergo surgery on Dr. Constantino Mendieta to raise the buttocks. It was not easy. High operating costs make the women who run a clothing line should be saving and frugality.

In the end, his efforts are not wasted. In May 2011, he began to perform surgical procedures and injections to make her interesting again. Now, he admitted it could take any food without guilt haunted.