pink grasshoper

Shi, The Pink Grasshoper


Types of insects that are rarely seen these varieties are classified as rare among species is generally green. With a beautiful pink light and surprising to look at.
pink grasshoper Shi, The Pink Grasshoper

Caused by genetic factors in the condition called erythrism. Which shows a rare color red pigmentation. This pink locusts have properties similar to the green grasshopper.

rare grasshoper Shi, The Pink Grasshoper

Although called pretty and charming, but can not deny this pink locusts could not camouflage the air-plants (predominantly green), making them easy targets for hunters of locusts.
pink insect Shi, The Pink Grasshoper
Found in Osaka, Japan. Museum “Of Natural History Osaka” identifying them as larvae Euconocephalus thunbergi (“kubikirigisu” in Japanese). And not just pink locusts which were found in Osaka, but there are other colors too.


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