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Hotel Conrad: Under the sea hotel in Maldives


A hotel in the Maldives offer guests the most romantic places to stay, a suite of glass at the base of the Indian Ocean.

Hotel Conrad has been converting their underwater restaurant “Ithaa” in the Maldives Rangali Island resort a honeymoon suite at the bottom of the ocean waves. Inverted domed aquarium it usually contains a dozen people in the restaurant and overlooking mengamumkan about the exotic marine life including parrot fish (parrot fish) and blue-striped snapper.
under sea hotel Hotel Conrad: Under the sea hotel in Maldives
However, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the hotel, as reported by the Telegraph, Monday (8/30/2010), the manager has changed the room to accommodate a double bed. So, it then became one of the most pampering bridal suite on the market. Guests are also treated to free champagne in the morning.

Although the hotel does not advertise room rates, the experience tersajikan not be cheap. Overnight stay at the resort on the water, a King Deluxe Water Villa, 1156 pound rate.

You interested? Customers are advised to book a room at least 14 days in advance.


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