Nadine Schweigert

The bride married without groom


The main requirement for getting married is a groom and bride. But a woman in the United States apparently does not require these conditions to be married.

Nadine Schweigert, a 36-year-old woman from Fargo, North Dakota, United States, has just undergone a process which he said the happiest in life, ie marriage.
 The bride married without groom
Wedding held last month was quite festive. Nadine looks very pretty wearing a long gown of blue satin in front of dozens of family members, relatives and friends in attendance. With a smile that continues to spread across his lips, Nadine was standing at the altar, holding a bouquet of white roses in hand.

So far, all seems perfect and is almost the same as the wedding in general. However, as noted further, one thing is strange because Nadine was not accompanied by the groom. Not that the bridegroom has not been present, but because Nadine is married with itself.

In the United States, the concept of marriage with yourself is still a thing that is not commonly done. Even so, Nadine is not the first to do so. Long before there were many people who make the wedding party. Some believe that the ceremony was merely symbolic and not official.

The purpose behind it is a unique marriage helps one to realize that they do not have to require others to be happy.

So when Nadine said consent granted in front of the guests in attendance, Nadine did not utter the words ‘I do’, but the oath promises to live her own life with happiness.


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