human headed pig

Mysterious Human with the Pig Head


Wanua Old Hamlet, Village Serring, Sub-donri Donri Soppeng District, South Sulawesi, rumored by the figure of a woman who resembles a pig.

Although no one see clearly yet, some people think she is an imitation of human figures as if seen at a glance, her head like a pig.
human headed pig Mysterious Human with the Pig Head
‘Twice I saw the woman and the last I saw when he was in the garden behind my house. At that time, I was surprised however, that vision is just passing, “said resident named Mastang when contacting Tribune.

The same thing also revealed a local community leader, Jonah. However, he says, until now there is no citizen can be sure that what he saw was a human or human imitation that have physical abnormalities.

He also explained, in the District Soppeng was often found it. The reason, some people prefer to find a treasure with a short path which is called Panter. This ritual usually takes his own master when there are requirements not met by the wearer.

“Perhaps the actors who are perpetrators of ritual seen people who do not meet the requirements that have a negative impact on the physical form,” says Yunus


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