A gorilla that walks upright like human

A gorilla that walks upright like human

Ambam, silver-backed gorillas at Port Lympne Zoo, Kent, England, shocked the Youtube site visitors. Ambam not like an animal like that walk crawl, 21-year-old gorilla that walks upright like humans.

gorilla A gorilla that walks upright like human

In addition to entertainment for the guards and made ​​the audience spellbound, animal fat but had mastered the art of agile is difficult for the species. That is to walk upright on hind legs, at a considerable distance.
As reported by Telegraph.co.uk, since uploaded on the Youtube site since January 20, 2011, visitors walk upright Ambam watching the action has reached more than 1.5 million people.

Circulating in Youtube videos uploaded by the Zoo’s own Kent. Video is not more than 17 seconds, but the incredible number of visitors jumped to make this video special.
In the video looks, Ambam carrying food in his left hand. He then walked straight toward the back, carrying the food. Meanwhile, there’s one behind the other gorillas who runs a crawl while wasting food.

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