The artificial leg which can think

The artificial leg which can think

A man suffered leg amputation due to bone cancer. Thanks to this revolutionary artificial foot, this man’s life changed drastically.

David Johnson (19) became the world’s first man who got an artificial leg is able to ‘think’. This makes Johnson the foot can walk naturally follow the body motion. Artificial leg is designed to feel part of the body, rather than accept user commands.
artificial leg The artificial leg which can think
“These legs are giving more control and gives me the ability to walk naturally,” he said as reported Dailymail.

“Because of this artificial leg muscles compensate for the ‘lost,’ the foot is able to help me climb stairs or get up from a chair and walking on a flat surface,” he continued.

This battery powered device uses advanced bionic technology that is able to adapt the pace, speed and type of terrain and be able to help prevent falls. This artificial leg is a masterpiece of Icelandic company Ossur.

Artificial leg was officially launched at the Science Museum London and has been used German Health Service and other private sector engaged in health in Europe.

“Power Knee gives new hope those with amputations,” said company spokeswoman.

This device prompts the user to be more active and willing to perform their activities to avoid, he concluded.