Suiseki, the Japanese Art of Stone

Suiseki, the Japanese Art of Stone

In Korea, suiseki called Su-seok, which means “old stone age ‘. In China, these stones often called Shangshe, which means ‘beautiful stone’. In Japan itself is called suiseki, which means “water stone”. Despite having a lot of calls, the same sense, the rock of high artistic value that is created naturally by the natural process of water-related. A glimpse of a normal course of rock suiseki. However, if considered carefully, it can be shaped rocks resembling something like the shape of animals, or natural forms such as mountains, cliffs, and the like.

suiseki Suiseki, the Japanese Art of Stone

This art emerged about 1,500 years ago, around the year 618 to 907. At that time, his time the kingdom of Tan and Sung dynasty. In our country, the suiseki born as Shang-Well-Sek or Sek. That is, the stone can enjoy the beauty of the species and a wider sense. Suiseki name comes from the root word-Sek Sui in Chinese, which means the water stone.
Suiseki art Suiseki, the Japanese Art of Stone

That said, some 3,000 years ago Once upon a time there was a plain country folk Song found a piece of stone. Because believe it is valuable the stone is kept well. Guests who visit to observe the rock and began to enjoy it. In the early Shang Dynasty (20 century BC) a love of art began to socialize and popular rock.

suiseki parla Suiseki, the Japanese Art of Stone
Well, because the stones are very valuable, it is actually very suitable as a business opportunity. The key is to understand the art of suiseki and have an adventurous spirit. To get the type of stone suiseki, it is not difficult. For fans of suiseki, Indonesia it is paradise. Tropical climate and natural conditions that allow these beautiful stones are easy to find. So, do not be surprised if suiseki in Indonesia is not less interesting than the suiseki of Korea, Japan, or Taiwan. But look for stones that have a high art form takes patience and an adventurous spirit high. Usually such rocks are found in the open and the areas close to rivers.

Suiseki rock Suiseki, the Japanese Art of Stone

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