Double Eagle: the most expensive gold coin

Double Eagle: the most expensive gold coin

A gold coin is expected to be the most expensive in the world, exhibited in London, England. Coins “Double Eagle” was printed by the Government of the United States (U.S.) while suffering from depression.
double eagle Double Eagle: the most expensive gold coin
20 dollar coin denomination “Double Eagle” was exhibited at Goldsmith’s Hall, in London. Nearly 500 thousand million coins were originally printed as the U.S. economic depression that began in 1929.

Only approximately 13 known coins are still intact today. The remaining coins were destroyed, even before the current economic depression that has not been completed.

The 2002 coins “Double Eagle” was sold at an auction. The result was quite astonishing. This coin sold for the price of $ 7, 6 million or approximately Rp68, 9 billion (Rp9.070 per dollar). So reported the Associated Press, Sunday (03/04/2012).

U.S. economic depression is to make the District Adi Power slumped. The ongoing crisis in 1929 until about the beginning of World War II.

The crisis also triggered a crisis in some other countries in the world. This economic depression is considered to have the broadest impact and longest ever in the 20th century.

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