Splitting the high-speed bullet with Samurai

Splitting the high-speed bullet with Samurai

Scene to stop or catch a bullet shot in a movie become commonplace. But the action of splitting the high-speed bullet made ​​by Samurai from Japan is just remarkable. Without deception or tricks of any kind, the action is successfully carried out by experts from Jepan this sword perfectly. Do not believe?
Isao Machii Splitting the high speed bullet with Samurai
Prove the skill of a Japanese Samurai splitting a bullet fired with a speed of 200 miles / hour (320 km / h). The bullet ditebakan using BB guns Gun. This action was memorialized in a video uploaded to YouTube.

In this video, Isao Machii, a modern Samurai showing the action of the hand speed and accuracy in splitting a bullet breeze. From a distance of 70 meters, the bullet was fired and had parted with his sword. Excellent!

Isao Machii, began to hone the incredible sword skills since he was a child. Isao little of this technique is taught by an old master since he was five years old, and now he has graduated and became head of a Samurai school.

Isao Machii action is done in response to the challenges of a film producer. Because the human eye can not possibly see how Isao splitting is small and fast bullets, filmmaker menyedakan advanced tools.
The filmmakers use the equipment as well as a sophisticated high-speed camera to capture any movement Isao, in order to analyze the action in slow motion.

The results are very impressive video, which in slow motion Isao his sword from its sheath and then the instant the bullet splits into two. This certainly makes Ramanl Durvasula from California State University stunned by the sword possessed the ability to play Isao Machii.

If you are curious about the actions taken by Isao Machii, just look at the video below:

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