The benefifts and side effects of kombucha tea

The benefifts and side effects of kombucha tea


Fifteen years ago revealed the fact about kombucha tea, fungi are able to control diabetes mellitus depot. After all, the truth is questionable because not a single scientific study. Now, ten years, a number of research trim doubt . In era of the 90s Poster notes, about 30 kinds of diseases such as rheumatism, gout, impotence, prostate cancer, and AIDS subdued by the fungus. Dalimartha Setiawan, an expert in traditional medicine, when interviewed stated Trubus vitamins and amino acids in Helden Pilz-term depot in the German mold-removing rheumatism, aches, and lethargy. However, the efficacy of cancer cure, liver, and diabetes is still limited to a few people experience. That improves the performance of the pancreas also stimulate insulin production has not been found, said Setiawan.

The same thing was delivered by Prof. Dr. Sumali Wiryowidagdo, pharmacists University of Indonesia. Chairman of the Center for Natural Medicine Material properties of UI claimed depot mushroom-like yogurt because the process of making same. Through 8 days of fermentation processes, efficacious positive bacterial colonies multiply and produce new products of metabolism. However, product type and symbiotic bacteria and yeast species and its toxicity is unknown.
kombucha tea The benefifts and side effects of kombucha tea
next 10 years, while still leaving doubt the efficacy of Kombucha. Bright spots appeared in 1996. Many cases of healing by the fungal disease known since 425 AD It moves researchers unravel the mystery. That year, Dr. Philippe J. Blanc, a researcher at Ohio State University, United States, began to investigate the mystery behind the plate-like nata de coco is as reported by the Biotechnology Journal Letters.

Depot mushrooms contain acids that are hard to find in other foods and beverages. Call it acid, gluconate, glukoronat acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, glukonolakton, D-glukarat acid, 2-keto acid-D-gluconate, and usnat. Kombucha also produces a wide range of vitamin C and vitamin B group complete synthesis of the results of the tea fungus place.

The same thing conveyed CJ Greenwalt, a researcher at the Department of Food Science Cornell University, USA, in 1997.

Research cited by the Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, revealing, mushroom tea consists of the symbiotic bacteria to yeast. Types of bacteria Acetobacter xylinum, A. xylinoides, A. pasteurianus, and the bacterium gluconicum. While raginya be Schizosaccaromyces pombe, S. ludwigii, and S. cereviseae. How it works, xylinium Acetobacter synthesize sugars to form a floating cellulose network. Yeast converts sucrose obtained from sugar in the tea into fructose and glucose, in the end produce ethanol.
kombucha The benefifts and side effects of kombucha tea
Kombucha proved anticancer effect by the Central Oncological Research Unit, Russian Academy of Russia and Moscow in 1998. Two groups of albino rats were injected tumor-causing compounds. Then, one group intake of Kombucha was given 20 ml / kg while the other group did not consume anything.
kombucha proccess The benefifts and side effects of kombucha tea
The result, consumption of Kombucha for 3 weeks inhibited the growth of tumor cells. The researchers concluded, not only the effect of polyphenols. Daily routine intake boost immunity and increase the production of interferon which kill cancer cells. Interferon is produced when glukoronat acid fermentation.

However, excessive intake of tea fungus can be harmful to the body. Therefore, the polyphenols in the body of excess mineral binding and lead to deficiencies. It’s performance aggravating the liver break down food and lead to damage. Perron A study conducted in the Analysis of Emergency Medicine Journal in 1995.

Excess polyphenols when breeding occurs due to contamination of tea fungus. That is why the container must be glass. Plastic containers causes harmful substances absorbed during fermentation. Not infrequently, tea contaminated with invisible by naked eye.

The toil of scientists that became the starting point to scrape doubt Kombucha. Behind the properties, it is evident there is a hidden threat that invites danger to health.


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