Alice Skinner: A girl without kidneys

Alice Skinner: A girl without kidneys

Alice Skinner from Hartlepool, England, must survive without kidneys had to undergo day after day in his life with all sorts of operations. This sad story began because she was born without kidneys. According to doctors, her kidneys did not develop when he was still in the womb.
Alice Skinner1 Alice Skinner: A girl without kidneys
Now, after years of treatment, testing, and operation, Alice Skinner is waiting for a birthday the next 11 months. She has also just undergone a recent operation. Operation to-27 times that lived in the last 10 years after she was born without kidneys.

The last operation that lasted about two weeks ago. This is because the process of washing the blood for three years turned out to have an impact on her leg that looked limp. ” There was a time, we thought she would not be able to through it all,” said her father, George (41 years).

The father deserves to be happy. Alice’s suffering has started since she was a baby. Imagine that, since she was six months old, she had become blood washing process. She also became the youngest person in England who undergo this process. Three times a week the family had to visit the hospital in Newcastle to carry out the process of dialysis while awaiting transplant opportunities. His condition is getting worse because his parents are not fit to be a donor, and doctors had difficulty finding another vein for dialysis.

In 2008, she had a donor that is far from perfect, because there is no donor that appeal to them. Unfortunately, later a year later, he experienced a problem that had to undergo brain surgery in order to reduce fluid buildup in her head.

Undergoing dialysis for seven years would be pragmatic to Alice. At least this effect on calcium intake as it can not be absorbed so that the kidneys have an impact on her feet.
Alice Skinner photo Alice Skinner: A girl without kidneys
However, in the midst of troubles, Alice Skinner still enjoy life. She’s hobby of playing table tennis, and even had time to represent Newcastle as an envoy from the hospital in the event the transplant team race children. In fact, last year she had been to Belfast and won the silver medal. Alice also won the award ‘Child of Courage’ when she was three years old.
Alice Skinner father Alice Skinner: A girl without kidneys
Kin, happy story at hand. ” We always felt every time a birthday is a feat in itself for her. We did not expect to see it until now. She was a little girl now,” said George.