Due to Penicillin, Fleming Saving Churchill

Due to Penicillin, Fleming Saving Churchill


What to do as the discoverer of penicillin Alexander Fleming with Winston Churchill, leader of Britain during World War II? Here’s the story.

One day Hugh Fleming, a poor Scottish farmer was busy hoeing, when he heard the moans for help is not far from her garden. Immediately he ran toward the sound and found a small boy fell into a puddle of mud up to his waist. With the help of a cane he was able to save the boy.

Alexander Fleming Due to Penicillin, Fleming Saving Churchill
The next day came a nobleman and his entourage to the house of the farmer. The nobleman offered a reward to the farmer for saving his son yesterday. But the offer was rejected. Just as the son of the farmer out of his room.

See any kid in the house, the other bid nobility, “Then give me the opportunity to send their child to receive proper education. If this kid had a nature like his father, he will surely grow and develop into a human, you can be proud. ”
The farmer agreed.

Several years passed. The farm boy managed to graduate from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London.

This farm boy’s name: Alexander Fleming, who was none other than the inventor of penicillin. the type of antibiotics produced by the fungus Penicillium notatum. Substance of this invention can be used to kill many types of bacteria that are harmful to human body.

A year later, the nobleman’s son was seriously ill affected by pneumonia. Fortunately, thanks to penicillin saved his life. Who was the nobility? Nothing else, Lord Randolph Churchill and his son, none other than Winston Churchill.

Imagine, if Winston Churchill was not helped by Fleming then there is no British prime minister who played a major role in the Allied victory against Germany in World War II.
Winston Churcill Due to Penicillin, Fleming Saving Churchill
Good deeds will indeed sweet fruit, though we do not know when it might benefit or reward of good deeds that we make.

So, do not hesitate to do good, yes.


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