The mummy of  mount San pedro

The mummy of mount San pedro


On October 1932, two researchers Cecil Mayne and Frank Carr found a room which is quite strange, after they set off a cliff on Mount San Pedro, about 60 miles west of the City of Casper, Wyoming, USA. Location of the detonation of high measuring 1.22 m, width 1.22 m and 4.57 m depth. Upon entering the room they were surprised by the presence of a tiny human mummy, his position was sitting with crossed arms and legs. Estimated to have a sitting height of about 7 inches and 14 inches in the standing position, while the weight of the mummy is 12 ounces. His skin was wrinkled and lightly browned. Flat cranium, his eyelids open and wide. Another characteristic is the flat-nosed, wide-mouthed and have thin lips.
San Pedro mummy The mummy of  mount San pedro
Mummified corpse was later examined by an expert named Dr. bio-anthropology. Henry Shapiro, of the American Museum of Natural History. After performing detection using X-rays, Dr. Henry believed that the mummy is a corpse of a man 65 years old when she died. Based on hereditary story told by the Native Americans. Arapaho tribes, Sioux, Cheyenne and Crow, that there are creatures / mini-sized humans who lived among them. tiny man with a height of 50 to 91 cm. Even among some indigenous tribe known as the ‘small man-eaters’. Nimarigar is a name little known to the human race by the Shoshone tribe. According to legend, lived in the surrounding mountains Nimarigar San Pedro. Told In addition, should any of these creatures who are sick or old is too old, then his own kind that will kill him by cutting the cranium.


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