Michelle Obama push-ups up to 25 times on Talk Show

Michelle Obama push-ups up to 25 times on Talk Show

U.S. first lady, Michelle Obama continues to aggressively campaign for healthy living. Her body was fit and look fit. In a popular talk show on U.S. television, Michelle showing off his ability to do push-ups up to 25 times.
michelle obama push up Michelle Obama push ups up to 25 times on Talk Show
When a guest star on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” as reported by Reuters on Friday (02.03.2012), Michelle challenged by DeGeneres (54) to do push-ups.

DeGeneres challenged Michelle to compete strongly do push-ups. Michelle agreed. President Barack Obama’s wife and then took off his jacket while the studio audience applauded.

Both women were then brought together to push-ups. But the count of 20, DeGeneres stopped. He looks a little tired.

While Michelle continues to do push-ups. 48-year-old woman did not look tired. Until finally at the count of 25, Michelle stopped. The studio audience was clapping and cheering the mother of two teenage girls were.

“That’s great,” said DeGeneres.

In that event, Michelle was interviewed about the health of a vigorous agenda  past two years.