A magician walked on the water

A magician walked on the water

British magician, Dynamo amazed public in his country as he walked on water on  the surface of the River Thames, England front of parliament.

The man whose real name is Steve Frayne is exhibiting a very clever trick, when it seemed to be walking on water. 28-year-old illusionist was about to cross the River Thames, if the police did not arrest him and force him up to their boat.
walk on the water A magician walked on the water

Residents who are curious, stood in Westminster Brigde to watch Dynamo record the action for a new television program, “Dynamo: Magician Impissible. Frayne was pretty amazing so far, with his actions that seem impossible.

A number of celebrities such as rapper Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes, Coldplay band, actor Will Smith to the hotel chain heir Paris Hilton, admitted great action. He had to change tickets so the money in front of singer Robbie Williams.

Not explained what tricks are used Dynamo to run on another. However, where the magician wants to open a trick?

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