Eclyse: The unique zebra

Eclyse: The unique zebra

Eclyse declares the name of the unique animal that has this unique color and appearance. Eclyse is the result of a mixture of Zebra and Horse. Eclyse has a zebra father and mother of a horse. Mixing between the zebra and horse have been made ​​since the colonial era but it is other than Eclyse

horse zebra Eclyse: The unique zebra

others because the color is very unique. Zebra 1-year-old is a product that is not planned where her mother, Eclipse, was taken from his Safari Park in Germany to a farm in Italy for a short time so that she could be free like other animals. And also so that she could roar like a horse and other zebras dialam free. Therein romantic event occurs between the mother, Eclipse, with the father of a horse (no name for the father is).
unique animal1 Eclyse: The unique zebra

When he returned to his home in Taman Safari, Eclipse surprised her mother by giving birth to a guard there zorse (horse + zebra = zebra + horse) which has a very beautiful color.

Zorse was later given the name Eclyse. In Eclyse head look like a zebra’s head, then on the body taking the horse’s body, followed by another zebra abdominal body to the tail. Now Ecylse became the center of a spectacle at the Safari Park at Schloss Holte Stukenbrock, near the border between Germany and the Netherlands.

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