David Beckham sells his car Rolls-Royce Phantom

David Beckham sells his car Rolls-Royce Phantom

After four years together, David Beckham finally decided to sell David Beckham car who has always faithfully accompanied him. As a result, he also sells Rolls-Royce Phantom rare site owned by eBay.

Reporting from Dailymail, the car he bought at a price of £ 350,000 (nearly 5 billion) was finally priced at £ 250,000. The price is certainly affordable enough to remember David for having the car also has spent thousands of pounds to dress up the car.

David Beckham car David Beckham sells his car Rolls Royce Phantom

The car itself has been on display and ready for sale since Friday (27 / 1) yesterday. Previously, this car had become one of Hollywood icons because of known rare and unique. With a range of luxury facilities in it, is not wrong if the car is much coveted by car lovers.

The loss of this car from the garage David might not be too painful for the LA Galaxy players. Because the number of luxury and sporty car in the garage of a house perched still lived in with Victoria and their four children, including Range Rover, Porsche 911 and Jeep Wrangler.

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