Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia, A cruise sinking near Giglio island


Costa Concordia, A cruise ship carrying 4000 passengers crashed into the rocks and eventually sank near the island of Giglio, on Friday evening local time, January 13, 2012. The incident is reminiscent of the shipwreck of the Titanic, killing three people and made captain of the ship arrested.
 Costa Concordia, A cruise sinking near Giglio island
Three bodies were evacuated from the sea after the sinking cruise ship Costa Concordia near Coastal Tuscany, Italy. As a result of crashing into the rocks, the hull cruise ship Costa Concorida perforated. Thousands of passengers panicked when trying to save themselves. According to mass media, as many as 40 people still missing.

Analysts have questioned how the ship’s captain Francesco Schettino can let the ship hit a rock. Though Schettino was eleven years working for the owner of the Costa Concordia.

Head of the City Attorney Grosseto, Francesco Verusio, told the ANSA news agency that the possibility of negligent boat captains so approached Giglio.
 Costa Concordia, A cruise sinking near Giglio island
“The ship struck a rock lodged in the left side so that the ship was tilted so that a lot of water entry within two to three minutes,” said Verusio. According Verusio, while the incident, Schettino was leading and he is also a direct route.

Schettino lawyer, Bruno Leporatti, said his client understands the reasons why he was detained. But, according to Leporatti, Schettino shows his skills as a captain of the ship during the evacuation of passengers. Since then, hundreds of passengers owed his life to Schettino.

ANSA statement proclaiming Schettino sister, Giulia. According to Giulia, Schettino had called their mother, Rosa, 80 years old, approximately at 05.00. At that time, Schettino said, “Mama, now the middle of tragedy. But I had to calm down. I am trying to save the passengers. However, for a while, I have not been able to call Mom. ”

The luxury ship carrying 4234 passengers and crew when it hit the reef to the west of Italy. U.S. Embassy in Rome said that there are 126 Americans on cruise ships were not seriously injured.


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