Long-term Investment with gold and silver


Each year the gold and silver price continued to rise between 20-40% a year. If you are still saving you money on deposit or mutual fund that only gave profits between 5% -20% per year you have a big loss. In this article, I want to give you reasons why you should invest in gold.

The price of silver and  gold is determined by demand and supply. Limited amount of gold and silver in the world so that supply is low and many investors are switching from stock investments into investment of gold and silver, so the demand for the gold and silver will be high. In accordance with the laws of demand and supply, when supply is low and demand is high, then gold and silver prices will rise. When gold prices rise, the investment value of gold will rise.

This is the prediction of outcome research American Economist Mike Maloney. He wrote about this in his book “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver”. He predicted this to happen in the nearest years, 2015. You can learn more details of just how important you should invest in gold and silver in the form of gold and silver bullion or gold and silver coin.

By investing in gold bullion and silver bullion, you not only can protect your assets from inflation and money but you also can make your money work hard for you. On this article we offer information that can generate profits on a regular basis without the need to take a big risk only from the front of your computer.

In any investment, we need to determine whether the goals we invest. Our goal is to protect the assets that we strive for this by having gold.

There is also a kind of online gold and silver, fictional form. We can invest the deposit of funds in accordance with the Price of Gold and gold that we want. There is no minimum limit, when the price goes up we can sell it back.


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