Copymism: New religion in the world

Copymism: New religion in the world

New religion was born in the world and is recognized as legal by the Swedish government on Wednesday (01/05/2012). Religion was named Copymism or Copymism Church. One of the founder and religious leader is Isaac Gerson, Uppsala University philosophy students who were aged 20 years.
copymism Copymism: New religion in the world
In an interview with the magazine New Scientist, Friday (06/01/2012) then, Gerson said, Copymism standing about 15 months ago. Copymism assume that any information is sacred and the practice of doubling the information or data is also sacred.

“We’ve got one religious ritual in which we worship the value of an information by copying it. We often get together, but not necessarily in physical space, can also be a server or a web page,” said Gerson Copymism who founded with his partner, Gustav Nipe.

Gerson said, Copymism also have a symbol. “There Kopimi logo, the letter K written in a pyramid shape that is used online to show that you want duplicated. We also have a symbol that shows the spirit of doubles, for example, CTRL-C and CTRL-V (copy-paste),” he said .

Copymism currently has 3,000 members. So far, Copymism not dialogue with the church generally. But according to Gerson, among which he spoke to show interest. Currently, the web Copymism is down, if a time is active, anyone can register as a member Copymism via the web.

Gerson said, in his religion, doubling the data and disseminate information is legal, no need to copyright. In addition, Copymism also had no concept of life after death, as a religion Copymism do not really focus on people. According to Gerson, the information itself does not have a life and be forgotten. How to keep the information remain stable is to double it.

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