The story of Hachiko,The Dog Statue in Shibuya

The story of Hachiko,The Dog Statue in Shibuya


A Professor and a half old living alone in the city of Shibuya. His name is Professor Hidesamuro Ueno. He was only accompanied by her beloved dog, Hachiko. So intimate relationships and his master’s dog that everywhere went Hachiko always deliver. The professor went every day to teach at the university always use the train .. Hachiko was a day devoted to accompany Professor station. In this Shibuya station Hachiko faithfully stayed with his master came home without leave before the professor returned. And when Professor Ueno returned from teaching by train, she always found Hachiko faithfully waited at the station. So every day is done without ever bored Hachiko.

dog statue The story of Hachiko,The Dog Statue in Shibuya

Winter in Japan this year so badly. All covered with snow. The air is chilled to the bone marrow makes many reluctant residents to the outdoors and prefer to live near a warm fireplace.

That morning, as usual the Professor went to college teaching. He was a professor who is very loyal to his profession. Very cold air does not make it lazy to travel long distances to the campus where he teaches. Age of the dusk and the increasingly fragile body is also not unreasonable to make him stay home. Hachiko Likewise, thick piles of snow everywhere not discourage loyalty to accompany his master to go to work. With a heavy jacket and umbrella is open, go to stasun Professor Ueno Shibuya with Hachiko.

Professor Ueno actual teaching places not too far from where she lived. But it has become a favorite and Professor habit to take a train every depart and return from the university.
The train arrived on time. The sound of the trumpet accompanied by a long rumble as if a little warm the station filled with people who are waiting for it. A train crew was familiar with Professor Ueno immediately familiar scream when the train stopped. Yes, almost all station employees and train employees and are familiar with Professor Ueno’s loyal dog, Hachiko. Because it had been years since he became a loyal customer of coal-fueled vehicles that.
After stroking with affection to her dog like two best friends, Professor climbed into the carriage he usually rode. Hachiko watched from the edge of the balcony to the disappearance of a professor in the train, as if he wanted to say, “I’ll wait for the master again.”
“Dogs are cute, do not go anywhere yes, do you ever go before the master is back!” Shouted half-jokingly train employees.

As if that understand speech, Hachiko was welcomed with a rather loud voice, “guukh!”
Not long balcony officials blew the long whistle, a sign of the train set off. Hachiko even know the meaning of the long whistle blast. So he’s as if preparing to take off the departure of his master by barking mild professor. And preceded bursts of thick smoke, the train went. Vibration which is rather hard to make the snow-snow clings to the foliage around the station a little fall.

hachiko dog The story of Hachiko,The Dog Statue in Shibuya

On campus, Professor Ueno besides teaching schedule, he also completed studies in the laboratory tasks. Because it is so finished teaching in the classroom, he was soon ready to enter the lab to penelitianya. Very cold air outside hit the kebetulah Professor corridor through the campus.

Suddenly he felt a tightness in the chest once. A faculty member who is looking bewildered Professor Ueno soon led her to the clinic campus. Starting from simple things, suddenly the campus so excited because Professor Ueno fainting. The doctor who examined him declared Professor Ueno suffered from heart disease, and that afternoon relapse. They are trying to help and revive Professor. But their efforts seem futile. Professor Ueno died.

Professor relatives contacted immediately. They come to the campus and decided to bring the professor’s body to their hometown, instead of returning to the home of Professor in Shibuya.
Towards evening the air gets colder at Shibuya station. But Hachiko remain unmoved by holding the cold air with a feeling of uneasiness. Should Professor Ueno’s back, he thought. As he paced around the balcony Hachiko trying to shake her anxiety. Some people in the station feel sorry for the dog’s loyalty. There is approached and tried to comfort him, but it still can not eliminate anxiety.

Night came. Increasingly deserted station. Hachiko was waiting there. To warm the body he was huddled in one corner of the waiting room. While occasionally jump to the balcony every time there’s a train coming, hoping his master was among the passengers who came. But always he must be disappointed, because Professor Ueno did not come. Even until the next day, two days later dian, and days later he never came. But still Hachiko waited and waited at the station, hoping his master’s return. Her body began to become thin.

Employees who feel sorry for the station Hachiko and Professor Ueno no wonder why once again trying to figure out what happened. Finally obtained the news that Professor Ueno had died, been buried by their relatives even.

They also attempt to notify Hachiko that his master would never come back again and persuade him not to have to wait forever. But the dog seemed not to believe, or do not care. He kept waiting and waiting for his master at the station, as if he was sure that his master would return. Every day more and more emaciated body because rarely eat.

Finally tersebarlah news about a dog who faithfully kept waiting for his master, although his master was dead. Residents were many who came to see him. Many were touched. Even some had tears in his eyes when I saw with my own eyes a dog who was curled up near the entrance waiting for his master who was never going back. Those who have the sympathy it gives food, milk, even a blanket to avoid chills.
Over the past nine years, he appeared on station every day at 3 pm, a time when he used to wait for the return of his master. But those days it was when he was tortured by his master did not arrive. And one morning, a janitor station rushed to report to security officials. A moment later dian the atmosphere became crowded. The clerk found the body of a dog that has been stiff curled in a corner waiting room. The dog was already a corpse. Hachiko was dead. His loyalty to his master was carried away to death.

Residents who heard Hachiko’s death soon flock to Shibuya station. They usually already know the story about the dog’s loyalty. They want respect for the last time. Honoring a sense of loyalty that sometimes it rare in humans.

They were so impressed and touched. To commemorate their loyalty to the dog then dian makes a statue near Shibuya station. Until now the garden around the statue was often used as a place to make an appointment. Because the people there wish there was loyalty, as already exemplified by Hachiku when they have to wait and promise to come. Eventually the statue was used as a symbol of loyalty Hachiku. Sincere loyalty, which carried him to death.


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