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Sinead O’Connor divorced after 18 days of marriage


Sinead O’Connor divorced from her husband, Barry Herridge, after 18 days of marriage. She told the news of her divorce to the fans on his personal page.
Sinead OConnor divorced husband Sinead OConnor divorced after 18 days of marriage
She writes, “My friends, I have a possible reason would you understand, I want to keep it secret but I think this news will be leaked within a few days no matter how hard I try to keep it secret. So I’ll leak it themselves, so the news was not the intersection conflicting.

“After 3 hours we finished the ceremony took place, the wedding we were harassed by the behavior of certain people in my husband’s life. And also because I took a walk with the wild along with my husband for me when looking for marijuana.”

“My husband was hurt by the incident and also the attitude of the people close to him who responded to our marriage. I felt that if he remained with me, he will lose even more …

“A woman wants her husband happy. So if you love someone? Let him free.”

O’Connor also acknowledged missteps since she in a hurry to get married although they had dated for a few months.

“He’s a good man. I love her very much. I am sorry but I’m not an ordinary woman. I also believe, though heavy to admit that we have made a mistake in his haste to get married for reasons of purity, and we are also not aware of and prepared for the consequences that will be accepted my husband that affect their lives and those close to him. He was very unhappy, therefore Sinead O’Connor decided to get divorced. “


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