Nazi treasures in the lake Toplitz

Nazi treasures in the lake Toplitz


In Austria the remote areas, there is a lake called Toplitz. But it’s not beauty that makes this lake became famous, but there are rumors that the Nazis looted treasures still stored at the bottom.
dustbin treasure Nazi treasures in the lake Toplitz
Looks like the mystery of the hidden treasures that have attracted the attention of some people for centuries. Whether that pirate treasure or treasure trove of the remains of ancient civilizations. This time I decided to write a little about it, and I will start it from a treasure trove called the Guinness World Book of Records as the seizure of assets derived from the world’s largest. I mean the Nazi treasure.

The story begins one morning in 1945 in a remote area of ​​the Alps. It was Ida Weisenbacher heard a knock at his door. 21-year-old Austrian woman was immediately opened the door and find a Nazi officer was standing in front of his house.

“Prepare your horse carriage,” said the officer. “We need you.”

Ida immediately prepared his chariot and took her to the side of military vehicles that brought these officers. Then another officer who had been waiting in the car immediately remove large boxes and load it into a horse-drawn carriage. Each box has a form of words and numbers that did not give a clue as to its content. When the carriage horse is fully charged, the officer told Ida to go to the lake Toplitz.

lake toplitz Nazi treasures in the lake Toplitz

It was only then Ida understand why the Nazi officer asked for his help. The road to the lake is very winding Toplitz and can not be bypassed by military vehicles. Only a horse-drawn carriage that get through.

Arriving at the lake, the officers immediately remove all the mysterious box and threw it into the lake. Ida saw the box one by one disappeared from view. His heart is overwhelmed by a great curiosity about the contents of the box. But he did not dare ask the clerk.

When finished remove the whole box was brought, the Nazi officer ordered Ida to go back and load the other boxes that have not been carried away. Total required three trips back and forth until they throw all the boxes were brought.

And this is the beginning of the rumors of treasure in the lake Toplitz.

During World War II, German troops invaded numerous countries in Europe. When they managed to master it, they were soon plundered the country’s central bank concerned and took the gold reserves to take home to Germany.

Not only that, the personal property of Jews who were arrested and thrown into concentration camps were also seized and melted down into gold bars are printed with the sign of the German central bank, the Reichsbank. Most of the spoils are then used to pay the cost of the war being waged by the Nazis. Incredibly, most of these treasures are still intact in the hands of the Nazis as World War II was almost over.
nazi treasure Nazi treasures in the lake Toplitz
In February 1945, the president of the Reichsbank ordered most of the gold reserves transferred to a remote village called Merkers located 200 miles south of Berlin. There it was concealed in a potassium mine. Mine cave was also used to store other property such as art objects confiscated from the German colonies at that time.

In April 1945, American forces under the command of General George Patton succeeded in conquering Merkers. Then a French civilians who worked at the mine told the U.S. military that there is treasure hidden by the Nazis there. American troops began to inspect the entire contents of the mining and found a 8198 gold bars and a large number of gold coins, silver bullion, and paper money. The total value of the treasure found when it was 520 million dollars (by dollar value in 1945).

In addition to storing treasure in the mines Merkers, in 1945, knowing the allied forces in virtual control of Berlin, Nazi officials decided to move the Reichsbank treasure remaining to Oberbayern in southern Bavaria. At least nine tons of gold were sent there along with bags of paper money and coins. It is said that according to rumors, including 730 gold bars hidden in the bottom of the lake Walchansee.

When the Allies defeated Nazi in 1945, they found only a small fraction confiscated Nazi treasure. The remaining other spoils, lost some where.

The loss of gold-gold is called by the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest booty in the world.

After the Nazi defeat, began the nazi treasure-finding mission by several countries and organizations. And this is where the issue of lake Toplitz begin to surface again.

Lake Toplitz has a length of about 1 mil to about 91 meters into. She lies between steep granite rocks in the Salzkammergut, Austria. Although this lake has beautiful scenery, but a very remote location makes this lake is rarely visited by people. With characteristics like these, it seems this lake is an ideal hiding place for treasure.

Is the mysterious boxes that contain visible gold Weisenbacher Ida-lost gold? many people think so. In 1959, a German magazine “Stern” send divers to investigate the lake. They did find something, but instead of gold bullion, but a box of counterfeit currency British Pound, some important documents and letters of statement.

Apparently what was found by divers were part of a covert operation called operation Bernhard coming from Hitler himself.

At that time, the Jewish prisoners in concentration camps who were given advanced printing equipment to fabricate an enemy currency. This money will be used to finance the war and weaken the enemy’s economy. Through this operation, an estimated 4.5 billion pounds had been falsified. This operation became so successful that at that time the British central bank had to withdraw currency from circulation and redesigning paper money.

Apakah boxes found in the lake are the remains Toplitz Bernhard surgery? Is there another hidden treasure there?

In 1963, a German diver tries his luck on the lake Toplitz. But unfortunately, in his efforts, he died of drowning.

After the incident the Austrian government that aims to prohibit diving looking for treasure in the lake Toplitz. But apparently this prohibition has ulterior motives because the Austrian government was decided to look for these treasures.

Search operation conducted by the Austrian managed to find 18 boxes containing the money which was also a fake pound, but this time they found a metal plate used as a master print. In addition they also found the remains of rockets, projectiles and some weapons. This may not be too surprising since the nazi ever use the lake as a military training ground during the war.

In 1983, Prof. Hans Fricke requested permission to conduct dives in the lake Toplitz to examine the life of the lake biota. But instead he found the crates of counterfeit money pounds with other military equipment. The discovery of Prof. Fricke led to speculation that the lake is still stored gold-lost Nazi gold bars.

More search effort masiv done in 2000 when CBS television from America with the World Jewish Congress sponsors Toplitz exploration to the bottom of the lake which is run by a company called Oceaneering Technologies. The company’s dive to the bottom of the lake by using advanced technology in the form of submarines controlled by remote control. But the work done with this advanced technology only rediscovered crates also contained counterfeit money pounds.

Although there seems to have no more treasure in the lake Toplitz, but each time the expedition carried out, it looks like there is always a coffin were found. Speculation about the existence of gold in Toplitz again reinforced when in 2003, a diver who dives in the lake Chiemsee in Bavaria found a pot of gold. It has a gold teapot with a Celtic symbol of Indo German figures on its surface and is estimated to be worth around 100,000 dollars. Speculation says that this pitcher was part of Nazi treasure hidden in the lake.

So if there was gold stored in the lake Toplitz? probably not, but people’s curiosity will never run out is not it? that’s what makes the mystery of the treasure to be one of the mysteries of the most interesting story to tell.


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