Piano Concert in front of blind elephants

Piano Concert in front of blind elephants

50-year-old man was bringing his piano into a mountain in Thailand, it is done so that he can play the piano in front of the blind elephant.
paul barton concert Piano Concert in front of blind elephants
Paul Barton has now succeeded in his ambition at the time sitting at the piano, just a few feet in front of the elephant, he played his music softly.

“It was my birthday present to 50 years, my wife and I have long helped the elephant who is blind, and I thought this would be the most interesting thing to hear,” he said seperdi reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (25/11 / 2011).

“I must draw this to the top piano, although I have a problem with the back, but I want this to be a challenge for myself,” he continued.

British-born man who is moving to Thailand 16 years ago with his wife to be closer to the elephant.

Paul hopes to make a concert with him with an elephant before the end of this year to raise funds to build an electric fence.