The difference between essay, articles and feature

The difference between essay, articles and feature

Writing is a necessity. Every human being needs to write. Writing is a language of gestures, while speaking is the language spoken. Whether writing or speaking, humans need the brain’s role as the central control of what is desired by his conscience to be conveyed to other people around him. The problems now, why writing is considered something difficult?

Writing is the heart of the educational process, since it was first taught by teachers from an early age to the student is writing. Writing is also the underlying someone’s intelligence to finally be able to read and acquire unlimited knowledge.

Unfortunately, in practice the habit of writing among students ranging from primary, secondary education, to higher education is lacking. If yet they are taught and encouraged by teachers to write, is merely the task of writing poetry, short stories, or essays or another lesson.

The difficulty that we usually found is writing essay. When essay writer make an essay, it cannot be compared with writing articles and features, because each has a different function. The article further serves to invite the reader to understand a subject. Feature is used to arouse the reader a sense of human interest. Essay is useful for reflection and contemplation.

 The difference between essay, articles and feature

The difficulty level in writing essays are mainly caused by non technical and non systematic character. The power of essay is concentrated on analysis, reflection and personal character of the writer. Therefore, techniques to write an essay from someone, it would be difficult to be studied and emulated by other authors. While the technique of writing articles and features from a famous writer, can be studied and imitated by novice writers. If you want to make the essay but do not have expertise in writing a good essay, you can hire the essay writing services or buy essays from freelance writers who have experience in writing essays.

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