Katy Perry will play a role as Marilyn Monroe

Katy Perry will play a role as Marilyn Monroe

Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Company seems to see Katy Perry as a person suitable for the role that might be played  later production. He called Katy Perry as a woman who fit to play Marilyn Monroe.
katy perry Katy Perry will play a role as Marilyn Monroe
According to Aceshowbiz, Weinstein says that Katy Perry can only play as Marilyn Monroe in a Broadway staging, entitled MY WEEK WITH MARILYN. However, this will happen if the movie with the same title have been sold in the market.

“If the film a success, I will try to create a musical version and Katy Perry are the first person I offered to play Monroe,” said Weinstein told E! News.

Meanwhile, despite plans to make versions Broadwaynya still very early to talk about, but Weinstein believes in MY WEEK WITH MARILYN film version. He also believes that Michelle Williams will get his third Academy Award for playing in this movie.

“Michelle’s dedication is very strong in this film. She even learned melenggak-swing like Monroe,” said Weinstein.

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