Bloody Waterfall in Antarctica

Bloody Waterfall in Antarctica

This is one of the rare natural phenomenon that happens, bloody waterfall a source of water flowing in a waterfall of blood flow that have a constant flow, but somewhat slow. This occurs in a glacier in Antarctica  precisely in the south polar region. The first time a geologist found a frozen waterfall in 1911 and they meet the strange things that they think is the color red is the color that flows derived from red algae, but the true sifta was more than they expected.
waterfall blood Bloody Waterfall in Antarctica

Natural phenomena are very strange and rare, a waterfall dropping such a continuous blood.

Approximately 2 million years ago trapped below Taylor Glacier water stream containing a collection of ancient microbes, and there they were isolated under a very thick layer of ice naturally, developed independently of these microbes live without light, heat and oxygen, and there they are caught at a very high salinity conditions and rich in iron so as to provide a red color similar to iron in the blood.

haunted waterfall Bloody Waterfall in Antarctica
Scientists estimate the fluid such as blood is derived from ancient microbes trapped in the ice cracks

And the waterfall is happening because of a crack of the glacier allowing subglacial water is coming out, forming a waterfall without polluting the ecosystems therein.

These conclusions could be very likely to occur also on planets other planets such as Mars and Jupiter, this bloody waterfall truly a miraculous natural phenomenon both visually and scientifically. This natural phenomena are very strange and rare, a sort of bloody waterfall issued continually.

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