The boy who can not eat food for 4 years

The boy who can not eat food for 4 years

Daniel Harrison. The boy was four years old have never felt the joy of food and drink from birth. The entire nutritional requirements to enter the body through a tube in his stomach later installed.
acid reflux The boy who can not eat food for 4 years
As quoted from the pages of the Daily Mail, began when the boy was suffering from acid reflux attack him as an infant.

Acid reflux is a disorder of eating due to excessive production of stomach acid. This is usually characterized by vomiting at each meal, accompanied by unbearable pain in the upper chest and throat area. Quite often it feels like burning.

Since the disease struck, Daniel has always had tremendous fear when faced with food and beverages. Autism disorder also adds to the trauma of memory about the pain when the baby is stuck.

His parents, Kevin and Catherine, had been around the UK to cure the illness of Daniel. Various medical procedures are performed, but it was fruitless. In 2009, Daniel even had to fight against the H5N1 virus that attacks the lungs.

Now, Kevin tried to save money to bring Daniel went to University Hospital, Graz, Austria. He heard of a patient such as Daniel recovered there. “I just dreamed that Daniel can live a normal life like a kid his age, spooning food and drink on the table,” said Kevin.