The oldest camera

The oldest camera

A daguerreotype camera, one camera that was first produced commercially, the plan will be sold at an estimated price of £ 600,000.

Those prices will make sliding wooden box camera in 1839 this became the oldest and most expensive camera in the world.
oldest camera The oldest camera

This camera is made by Alphonse Giroux, brother-in-law of Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre and even signed by Daguerre himself, the inventor of first practical photographic process.

The camera is rare in North Germany from generation to generation and the father of the owner of this camera give it to the 1970′s as a reward when he became the optician.
daguerreotype camera The oldest camera
These features of this camera is a black velvet interior and ground-glass screen, with no autofocus or face recognition.

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