Ghost story in Duffy's Cut mass grave, Pennsylvania

Ghost story in Duffy’s Cut mass grave, Pennsylvania


This is a mass grave, “Bill Watson said as he led the way through the thick Pennsylvania woods about 300 miles from Philadelphia.

Duffy’s Cut, as it is now called, is short and dead-end path in Malvern. Twin brothers Bill and Frank Watson believes pathetic 57 Irish immigrants died there after an attack of cholera outbreak in 1832.

duffys cut grave Ghost story in Duffys Cut mass grave, Pennsylvania
They suspect foul play.
“This is a murder mystery from 178 years ago, and finally seeing bright spots,” Frank Watson said.

Brother and sister had first heard of Duffy’s Cut of their grandfather, a railway worker, who told ghost stories to his family every Thanksgiving.
According to local legend, saved in a file owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad, a man walking home from the tavern reported seeing the ghosts blue and green dancing in the fog on a warm night in September 1909.
watson brothers Ghost story in Duffys Cut mass grave, Pennsylvania
“I saw with my own eyes, ghosts of Irish people who died of cholera a month ago, dancing around a big trench where they were buried; it real, sir, it’s very scary,” said excerpts of documents from the unnamed man was . “Somehow they look green and blue fire and they jumped and danced on their graves … I’ve heard the Irish people that haunt the place because they were buried without proper religious rites.”

When Frank get a beam-former from the workplace grandfather, brother and sister began to believe the ghost stories are real. They suspect that the files contain hints on the location of the mass grave.

“One of the correspondence in this file tells the location,” Frank said. He added that the document suggests that where people are buried it is the original rail bridge.

team Ghost story in Duffys Cut mass grave, Pennsylvania

In 2002, they started digging and searching. they found a fork and the remains of huts and, in 2005, the so-called Bill Watson with the “Holy Grail” – a pipe with an Irish flag on it.

They knew they were close, but Bill said they need the power of science to the next step.

Help is also coming from Tim Bechtel, a geophysicist, who understand about the project from a campus at the University of Pennsylvania who had heard about what was done Watson brothers. Bechtel is able to present them in the missing links in an effort to dig it.

Bechtel tasks including scanning the ground, which can help detect what lies underground without having to dig or drill.

By firing the electronic waves through a slope, Bechtel said he knows there is a strange area or place where the electronic waves can not penetrate. “We look at areas on the slopes of these anti-electricity,” Bechtel said.

This is an indicator that something might exist below the surface. After further digging, Bechtel and the Watson brothers detect any cracks.

Bechtel helped pinpoint key areas which must be excavated and on March 20, 2009, Bill Watson said the team made a surprising discovery.

“One of my students came running at around 2 pm with something that is clearly human bones,” Bechtel said.

This is just the beginning of the many puzzles to be raised at Duffy’s Cut. The pieces that bring them on something other than kecuirgaan that cholera was responsible for these deaths.

“A fragment of a very, very small like that can really contain the information,” said Janet Monge, an anthropologist from the University of Pennsylvania holds the jawbone and teeth found at sites Duffy’s Cut. He believed that teeth could one day be connected through DNA to the descendants who still live off the men who lifted from the excavation site.

Two weeks ago, a piece of evidence surfaced. A perforation can be a bullet. “In fact, we could see some of the edge crack that looks very much like bullet holes,” Monge observation.

“If they are suffering from cholera, it does not kill them. I’ll say something else that killed them, but they may have been stricken with cholera, too.”

“It could happen to us,” Bill Watson said. “These men came here without bringing anything, seeking the American dream as did many others. They think they will be successful and within six weeks of his arrival they were literally buried here.”

The team believes there are 50 more that are still under the surface. Watson brothers said their target is to preserve the memory of the Irish workers and put the story in the textbooks, to be remembered for many years in the future.


bullet Ghost story in Duffys Cut mass grave, Pennsylvania

“This is a story that exceeds the countries in the world, exceeding historical in a sense. This is a story that you heard from the workers who exploited anywhere in the world,” said Frank Watson. “How we treat our employees? How do we treat those who migrate for a better life? Every human being deserve to be remembered.”


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