This camera can capture ghost images

This camera can capture ghost images

Ghost hunters from England, Paul Rowland (49), claims to have created a camera to capture images ghost haunts. Electronic device is equipped with ultraviolet and infrared rays to capture images that can not afford a regular camera perpetuated.
camera capture ghost This camera can capture ghost images

With electronic devices, Paul Rowland managed to capture the spirit of a child in one room Welsh mansion where she works. Paul Rowland had heard about the little boy’s spirit before it managed to record it.

‘Spirit of a child’s delicate form of a sleeve of adults who moved close to me,’ said Paul Rowland recounts it. Paul claimed was moved to develop electronic equipment after watching ghost hunting programs aired by the television such as Most Haunted.

‘Because the image capture device does not yet exist, I try to create one yourself,’ said Paul. Paul believes it has developed an electronic device that can help the camera captures the image a number of spirits in the future.

‘I’m using ultraviolet light and blue to allow capture of images in the darkroom. The device is also equipped with digital still cameras and camcorders that can capture images in ultraviolet light beam, “said Paul Rowland.

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