Human Fish found in Penang, Malaysia

Human Fish found in Penang, Malaysia


Due to many requests from readers and the feeling curious, old photographs ‘Human Fish‘ previously only fill in this photo gallery we bring back the narrative. As enacted, the Penang-net site news circulated a photo mummi “strange fish” is great. Physically-bodied creatures such as human-headed fish yet. Referred to “human fish” is a catch, a fisherman in Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia.

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The spread photo is of course being the world community has once  wonder, some people are even skeptical that the photo is just a result of creation or engineering of computer technology. Other photographs from many different angles, look at the Gallery

There’s no official confirmation about the discovery of the body “human fish” is. On site Penang News is printed in simple description “Fisherman Found This Heat Bay! Newspaper Not Allowed To Publish? (The findings of the Gulf fishermen Heat! Printed media is prohibited to publish it?) “, And attached with six pieces of strange creatures from a variety of photos point of view. After the Guangming Daily for e-mail images sent readers, sent a reporter to investigate the existence of the strange fish to the Department of Fisheries.

Agency staff in Singapore to speak that the government does not get a report of a body “human fish” captured in fishing, as well as never to hear of the discovery of strange fish. He also asked the journalists take pictures of the body being related to the Department of Fisheries, to prove more of a local fisheries official.

Fishermen have long been fishing around the Gulf waters that Chen Hongniu Heat also narrated the same thing. He admitted he had never heard the story about the discovery of strange fish that successfully caught each other fishermen. But he pointed out, the ocean, so wide, get the odd fish, it is not impossible.

Glance, the body of the strange fish looks like human form with a measure such as sesosok adults. Bone ribs chest looks vaguely similar to a man with a pointed snout long and sharply toothed. It also has a long fin like two ears wide, plus two “strange hand” abnormal, the sparkling scales disekujur sized body like creatures and man-headed fish in legendary folklore. That photo looks like a very real, even if the manufacturer’s engineering skills can then be said enough.

The latter figure being auctioned off in strange e-Bay (Electron Bay) by a senior City of St.Petersburg, Florida, U.S. with U.S. dollars in 1550 prices and are UNINTENTIONALLY. Not explained how these creatures can be moved from Bangkok to e-Bay. It is known from news reports, Russian com on July 31 last year. Dead “strange creatures” who go to the block has a length of about 1.5 meters, which the seller calls a “mermaid”.

The discovery of the body “human fish” in the Gulf of Heat, Penang, Malaysia not long ago, is not new. Previously a number of historical documentation has mentioned the discovery of a creature. In the legend that developed from ancient times until now, the classic story about the existence of “human fish” also have often heard our society.

Documentary record, a veteran and a member of Pulini science tells us about the living creature that was believed to be “human fish”. In the paper titled eternal (translation) “Natural History” was “about people fish, it is not at all difficult to trust …. They were certainly there, only the gross body, entire body filled with scales, but some of the women was also found scales. ”

In April 2004, the newspaper Wenhui informed that a number of scientists are working hard to examine the central figure of origin of the dead mummy “human fish” in the past 3000 years. A group of building workers find these creatures in an ancestral tomb store around the Black Sea Coastal. The news of this discovery that expressed by the Russian archaeologist Yelimiya doctor. The creature looked like a princess of a beautiful black, length of this stunning creature from head to tail and scales predicted 173 cm. Scientists believe that age being more than 100 years old when he died.

On July 2, 1991, a newspaper in Singapore, download news entitled “Human Fish Fossils Found at 120 Thousand Years of Ancient Sea coast of Yugoslavia.” Recently, scientists exploring the human fossil fish without dispersing, and proves that the mythical creature who used to be really used to exist in the real world. The fossils found in the Sea Coast of Yugoslavia and treated properly, can be found clearly in the sharp teeth belonging to the creature. In addition a strong forehead enough to tear muscles and shattered bones as well kill the victim. Human fish 160 cm high, from the waist up like a man, his head grew very advanced, very large brain volume, a pair of sharp bercakar hand, while his eyes were like other fish, but no petals matanya.Makhluk the gender females. In about 120 thousand years ago, he had lived in Yugoslavia and surrounding coastal ocean.

In the past August 1991, two American fishermen also find the “human fish”. Mentioned, two of America’s work as fishermen picking up 11 heads of sharks sharks in the Caribbean Sea, the tail of which is 18.3 meters long tiger shark. But when fishermen operate the tiger shark, in his stomach was found a strange bone frame, half the body on the frame or 1/3-nya as adult human bones, but, from the hips down and even be a big fish frames. At that time, the creature’s bones fishing lodge on the policy, the policy further immediately contact the staff for dipriksa autopsy, and the results prove that it was a creature half man half fish.

Previous “human fish” little scientists had captured in one place in 1962. The Sun UK newspaper, the daily afternoon Harpin China and download a large number of newspapers report on the incident. In 1968, an American photographer also find strange creatures around the sea floor, his face like a monkey, a long neck 4-fold longer than men, as human eyes, but much larger, the distance is like screw that moves quickly. In the years 1938, on the Estonian coast, the Baltic Sea, Eastern Europe, had found “frogman”, chicken breast, thin mouth, brain round very quickly jumped into the Baltic Sea.

In 1938, doctors Rodam of the U.S. National Oceanologi Board, successfully took some impressions of resemblance in the sea five miles from the Atlantic Ocean. A group of fishermen saw strange creatures sesosok feature: moncongnya snout like duck, but his chest like a bird with his head round the chest. When “being the sea” is to see others follow, he then vanished to jump into the Baltic Sea, was very fast, almost invisible pair of legs, but it left the hands of big toads on the beach.

Apparently some kind of “fish man” who from the waist up and fish form the waist down like human beings. It can be seen in a newspaper in Kuwait on 24 August 1980, which says: recently found a “human fish” in the park living in the Red Sea coast. Form of “human fish” from the waist up like a fish, and from the waist down as the form of a woman’s body? same way as humans are a pair of legs and 10 toes. Unfortunately, it was dead when found.

There is also a kind of “lizard man”. In 1988, the marshland on the outskirts of the City of Berwick, South Carolina, U.S., who see sesosok lizard creature half man half beast. The lizard creature more than 2 meters high, has a great pair of red eyes, his whole body filled with green scales, each pair of hands have only three fingers, and walk upright, even when running faster than a car, can walk freely in the marshes , those who strive in various ways to hook up, but always failed.

Therefore existence of strange creatures such as humans fish the sea has been a clear proof, then a thing or being which was originally called fantasy, and myth takhayul by certain people eventually turned into a serious problem of scientific research today.


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