Borischa : The boy from Mars

Borischa : The boy from Mars


Borischa , The boy admitted From Mars, Past, Space flight American and European explorers in a row successfully landed on Mars, the aim is to find signs of life on the planet.

The report said Russia’s Truth Report on 12 March 2004, stated that a 7-year-old son in northern Russia claimed come from Mars, but has borne a remarkable talent and remarkable intelligence. Borischa, so the name of the boy from another planet to travel far away and difficult to arrive at the area full of mystery.

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Daily reports that an eyewitness said was the presence of a silent night, those who sit in front of the camping campfire discussions. Suddenly, standing bow Borischa body, with a loud voice to raise attention many people, everyone feeling attracted to look at him. Eyewitness said: “Obviously, it means telling them about the lives of people in planet Mars, as well as their legendary experience flying toward the earth.” In short, the location of bonfires sink in silence.

And the more fantastic the other is, boy this man is alive even speaks of the mysterious land Limoliya who drowned in the sea in the ancient legends of man. And according to men’s discussion of this boy, when he arrived on earth from Mars just landed there, and understand all the life there.

Many people are surprised to find that boy is this mysterious man at least has two special features. First, Borischa have unusual intelligence  clearly higher than a normal boy his age. Limoliya is a mysterious country in the legend at least 800 thousand years ago, not only children, even university professors can know it all too possible, and it is in detail and to understand it tells the history, culture and people of this ancient negeriyang. The second special feature that raises concern is, boy this man has the ability to make a presentation to the language of admiration. It controls a variety of vocational terms, understand the data accurately and carefully, but clearly knows the history of Earth and Mars.

An eyewitness says, “I Manurut, when this kid talking about personal memory of previous lives in us, not arbitrary and not based on discretion.”

According to reports, Borischa a mysterious birth at a hospital in a remote village in a small Russian town on January 11, 1996. On the surface quite old terlihatorang unpretentious, unadorned and kind. His mother, Nadezhda is a good guy, a skin doctor in a public hospital. While the father of the child is a retired army officers.

Nadezhda remember, after 15 days of birth, you will be able to raise Borischa head. However, the scenery is 1.5 years old when he was able to read and understand the headline is in the newspaper. And two years later, Borischa have extraordinary memory, and the ability to master new knowledge that is difficult to trust. Then, quickly the parents know that their child with a unique way-of-a mysterious place to get more information.

Nadezhda think back and say: “There was never a person who teach him about things, but sometimes it is folded away and sat down cross, speak calmly and confidently to the case-halyang merawak random. He likes to talk about Mars, planetary systems, and civilization very far. We really did not dare to believe in our hearing. Since the age of 2 years, every day it was like reading the scriptures speak of the universe, and the story of countless world lainnyayang also about space that has no limits. ”

Since that moment on, Borischa to say on his parents, that it used to live on the planet Mars. At that time, there lived a man on the planet Mars, because there was a total disaster terrible death, the layer of the atmosphere on Mars lost a total, so people on the planet Mars was forced to live in underground cities. And since then, he often went out to trade and travel to earth in order to investigate, again, it is only a plane ride away outer space.

According to the discussion Borischa, that all this happened in the prosperous civilization Limoliya. At that time, it has a close friend in Limoliya, but his friend was killed in front of him. Borischa recall and says: “At that time, on the earth has been a terrible disaster, a mega land rain seemed to be swallowed by the sea storm. Suddenly, a stone giant whale of a building, and by chance my friend was there, I had no time to save her. “With a live boy tells the man the whole view of the loss Limoliya, like the new place yesterday.

Borischa say that the shuttle them, almost in a flash has been finished in a journey from Mars to live landasdari landed on earth. Together, he took out a chalk and drew a round thing on the board. It says: “Our plane space was formed from six layers, the outer layer dominates 25%, made from a solid metal. Layer-2 dominates 30%, made from materials like rubber. Layer-3 dominates 30%, also made from metalc and the last layer is dominated 4%, is made of a special magnetism. If we fill the energy of the lining of this magnetism, the spacecraft can fly to anywhere in the universe. ”

Quite serious and predict Borischa also say that in 2009 there will be the first large-scale disaster in a land on earth, and the second more disasters destroy more will happen in 2013.


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