weird gravitation around the world

weird gravitation around the world


What if when your body can be tilted like a fallen tree without falling to the ground? In the region of Santa Cruz, California there is an amazing natural phenomenon, which occurs on the ground many irregularities that might make confusion and astonishment when visiting the place.
weird gravitation weird gravitation around the world
Because the place which is a stretch of lush forest was the law of gravity seemed to have no meaning at all, all the trees stand sideways to the direction of the same slope can even say almost collapsed.

Many people who call this place “mysterious dots”. If humans are around “mysterious dots” though, the whole body without the desired also went along sideways, although trying to stand up straight, the result would be the same.

Surprisingly, although in a state of the inclined position in a large scale, all objects that are not going to fall or lose balance. If tried to walk, we step remains stable and running without difficulty, although in a slanting position.

When visiting this place, we can see the strangeness-kenehan like a house that looks hapir collapsed (when in fact it is still sturdy), brooms that can stand alone in a tilted state, people who can stand walled, and other peculiarities.

Worse yet, the existence of this phenomenon, the animals jungle guns’ anyone want to hang out and foraging around the “mysterious dots” it, they might be scared or what? “Mystery Spot” could prove to be the weakness of Gravity theory, Sir Issac Newton with his law of gravitation states that all objects will be drawn towards all other objects by the force of gravity.

This power depends on how much substance in the body and depending on the distance between them. Law that explains why the orbits of planets and moons elliptical. That law also describes the motion of all objects in the universe is vast.

Given this phenomenon, Newton’s law of gravitation which lasted for about four centuries it may be time for revision. But until now, the scientists can not explain how this phenomenon can occur, probably still waiting for some more time to solve this mystery, or maybe my friends already have a theory or argument to enlighten how this phenomenon can happen?

In fact, phenomena such as these not only occur in the region of Santa Cruz, Calif., but can also be found elsewhere, the following list is displayed:

* Gravity Hill, Sylacauga, Alabama
* Spook Lights, Gurdon, Arkansas
* Gravity Hill, Helena, Arkansas
* Gravity Hill, La Jolla, California
* Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California
* Confusion Hill Piercy, California
* Spook Hill, Lake Wales, Florida
* Gravity Hill, Cumming, Georgia
* Gravity Hill, Mooresville, Indiana
* Big Mike’s Mystery House, Cave City, Kentucky
* Gravity Hill, Greenfield, Massachusetts
* Gravity Hill, Burkittsville, Maryland
* Mystery Hill, Irish Hills, Michigan
* Mystery Spot, St.. Ignace, Michigan
* Paulding Lights, Watersmeet, Michigan
* Spook Lights, Hornersville, Missouri
* Tri-State Spooklight, Neosho, Missouri
* House of Mystery, Hungry Horse, Montana
* Gravity Hill, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
* Mystery Hill, Blowing Rock, North Carolina
* Mystery Hill, Marblehead, Ohio
* Oregon Vortex, Gold Hill, Oregon
* Gravity Hill, New Paris, Pennsylvania
* Cosmos Mystery Area, Rapid City, South Dakota
* Mystery Lights, Marfa, Texas
* Ghostly Gravity Hill, San Antonio, Texas
* Wonder World, San Marcos, Texas
* Gravity Hill, Salt Lake City, Utah
* Mystery Hole, Ansted, West Virginia
* Wonder Spot, Lake Delton, Wisconsin (closed 2006)
* Teton Mystery Spot, Jackson, Wyoming (reported closed again, 2005)
* Magnetic Hill, Chartierville, Quebec

Indeed, most are in USA, but in the euro area can also be found a place like this, for example around Warsaw, Poland. It also existed disebuah regions in China, but this form of ramp raya.Uniknya road wheels on the ground the whole thing / that is easy to roll up hill will be attracted to, but if you think logically that they will be very unreasonable.

In Indonesia there is also the area Kelud, almost the same as in China, a street but it is easier to climb up than down. Unique yes yes Exciting times if we-do visit there .. enjoy


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