Schumacher Mi3 : The fastest remote control car

Schumacher Mi3 : The fastest remote control car


For some people, remote control car is just a toy. But who would have thought that a remote control car was capable of driving up to the speed of 260 km per hour.

A man named Nic Case does not seem to consider a remote control toy car is something that is trivial. Case was trying to make a remote control car the strongest and fastest in the world.

Schumacher Mi3 300x199 Schumacher Mi3 : The fastest remote control car

As reported by topspeed, remote control car, named Schumacher Mi3 Case is built to carve out a world record. Case six months trying to build a car remote control.

Funds amounting to U.S. $ 4,000. it was willing to reach for to create Schumacher Mi3 to be able to run with a speed of 161.76 mph or 260 km per hour.

Ability Mi3 Schumacher was obtained thanks to the ingenuity Case processing remote control car body to be like a bullet.

Remote control car chassis is made ​​of carbon fiber material handmade driven by motor-powered 11 hp. The strength of this motor is stored in a 12 cell battery.

schumi Schumacher Mi3 : The fastest remote control car
But though he  was capable of creating a remote control car capable of running 161.76 mph, Case seems to still not satisfied.

Now Case is building a remote control car is targeted to be able to reach speeds of 200 mph, or about 321.86 km per hour.


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