Propolis, bee saliva that Able To Treat Nearly All Kinds of Disease

Propolis, bee saliva that Able To Treat Nearly All Kinds of Disease


Do you know that bees actually produce 4 kinds of products. Lay people only know honey bee products. But other than honey bees also produce royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis.

To maintain the health of people usually drink honey, but to treat disease, propolis is more effective, if using honey it takes a long time and is less efficacious than propolis.

bee therapy Propolis, bee saliva that Able To Treat Nearly All Kinds of Disease

Propolis collected by bees from plants or young shoots and bark of trees, especially poplar and mixed with saliva, which is used for patching holes in the honeycomb of a beehive as well as protect against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Propolis is made ​​from bee saliva, proved to be a natural remedy that can be used to conquer almost any type of disease.

Propolis comes from the Greek (pro = before, polis = city = city’s defense system). He was able to cure diabetes and gangrene, which is an incurable disease medically, even without injecting insulin and amputation.

Patients with advanced cancer who have been convicted does not possess the hope, can also be cured with propolis. Any other types of deadly diseases such as stroke, heart disease, kidney stones, kidney failure, hepatitis, and even he could also conquer AIDS.

It is no wonder why propolis could provide such a miracle is due to the antioxidant content of propolis = 1 drop of citrus fruit antioxidant 500. In addition, propolis is rich in amino acids, vitamins, bioflavonoids.

Propolis as a natural medicine, contain active substances that function as drugs for various diseases.

bee propolis royal jelly Propolis, bee saliva that Able To Treat Nearly All Kinds of Disease

The function of treatment include the following:

1. Propolis as a natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal as well as naturally without side effects.

2. Propolis cure diseases associated with bacteria, for example: thypus, diarrhea / vomiting and so forth. Can also to smell armpits are very disturbing, because in the armpit crease contained bacteria or fungi that cause odor.

3. Propolis cure diseases associated with viruses, eg dengue fever, flu, tuberculosis and so on.

4. Propolis to heal diseases related to fungi, such as eczema, tinea versicolor, vaginal discharge, dandruff, and so forth.

5. Propolis as Anti-inflammatory (infection and injury), such as ulcers, wounds, sore throat, toothache, kidney inflammation, burns and so forth.

6. Propolis as anti-cancer and mutagenesis of cells, such as cancer, tumors, myomas, cysts, and so forth.

7. Propolis pembulu serves to cleanse the blood and detoxification.

8. Propolis serve as the disposal of toxins, such as uric acid, cholesterol, trigliserin, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, and so forth.

9. Propolis is also a miracle healer for diseases such as ateriosklerosis or calcification of blood vessels by fat, various infections, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, neurological diseases, arthritis and rheumatism.

10. Propolis as a neutralizing toxins in the body and at the same time powerful anti-oxidants.

11. Propolis boosts the immune system.

western honey bee 34108 Propolis, bee saliva that Able To Treat Nearly All Kinds of Disease

Here are some expert opinions about propolis and its usefulness:

1. John Diamond, MD
Propolis is able to activate the thymus gland that functions as the body’s immune system.

2. Ray Kupinsel
Propolis as a natural antibiotic that can fight various diseases without side effects.

3. Professor Arnold Becket
Propolis is able to cure various diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

4. Russia Research Team (Research Team Russia)
Contained in propolis a natural antibiotic and antiviral substances, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that are very efficacious for diseases of the mouth, throat.

5. Dr. Fang Chu (doctors in China Hospita Lien Yu Kang)
Propolis useful for diseases of high fat content in blood and for heart disease.

6. Columbia Cancer Research Institute, 1991
CAPE substances in propolis have a functioning kill cancer cells. With regular use of substances CAPE for 6 months could reduce cancer by 50%.

7. Magazine antibiotics VP Kivalkina
Propolis is very effective for infection without limit expired.

8. Dr. K. Lund Aagaard
“Propolis, Natural Substance, the way to health”. Bioflavanoid contained in propolis may degrade free radicals caused by pollution, preservatives and other chemicals that enter the body. Bioflavanoid working ability is equivalent to the ability of 500 oranges.

9. Prof. Wijaya Hembing kusuma
Propolis is very good for skin health and nutritious extraordinary.


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