Pyrokinetic : The human's ability to produce fire from his body

Pyrokinetic : The human’s ability to produce fire from his body


This can be achieved by accelerating particles to increase the temperature until it reaches the level of extreme heat and could emit sparks which could issue a fire. Most people with this gift have the ability to enhance their personal temperature to warm the body, even in the coldest conditions.

pyrokinetic Pyrokinetic : The humans ability to produce fire from his body

In some traditions pyrokinetic (people who can use pyrokinesis) can make a fire, but a “technical” pyrokinetic can only manipulate fire, although they can set fire to flammable material, make a fire afterward. The ability to create fire from thin air, without any combustible material, called “pyrogenesis.”

Pyrokinesis is under the umbrella of telekinesis (or, sometimes, psychokinesis) in which a practitioner uses his mind to affect the physical world around them. Traditionally a pyrokinetic to light a fire when the conditions are in accordance with enough supplies to create the fire, namely fuel, oxygen and heat, and then manipulate the intensity of the fire and the direction in which the materials are located. So pyrokinetic can kindle a pile of newspapers and do not burn near curtains, or cause fire to spread quickly through a certain area at a speed that is not fair.

 Pyrokinetic : The humans ability to produce fire from his body

Although there is no empirical experiments that have been proven as displayed by the tradition of popular pyrokinesis, the ability to generate heat has been shown by certain practitioners of the martial arts.

These martial artists, by manipulating energy “chi”, they can radiate heat from their hands or other parts of their bodies. Some argue that this ability is not “true” but only pyrokinesis bio-feedback form and just control, improve and increase the body’s natural ability to produce heat, while others say that it is the ability to manipulate the material world of mind and thus qualifies as (telekinesis) . Many who have this ability to work with negative energy which tends to be warmer then changes shape to positif.Pemilik energy management capabilities tend to negative energy and thus very hot to the touch, or the lack of negative energy so that makes it frozen enough to touch.

Phenomena experienced by patients pyrokinetics, in contrast to the so-called body burning spontaneously or Spontaneous human combustion (SHC). SHC often fatal, because the heat that occurs can change the body into a pile of ashes in just a few minutes. You can imagine how strong the heat, when compared with the burning of bodies at the crematorium that uses heat at a temperature of 1110 C. It took 8 hours to burn the bodies in situ. Even then, the former is not abandoned as in SHC events.

combustion3 Pyrokinetic : The humans ability to produce fire from his body

SHC is a phenomenon that is not directly related to pyrokinesis, but the logical conclusion is obtained and has drawn between them is if someone burst into flames for no reason that can be understood, of course, can be targeted pyrokinetic, if one assumes the existence of such a thing. Other theories about both, SHC and pyrokinesis practitioners who are struggling to control their abilities and accidentally turn it on themselves, and become involved in SHC.

William Brough (12) from Turlock, California, for example, was allegedly able to light a fire just by looking at him. As a result, he must accept it when his family was expelled for being possessed by spirits of evil. Luckily , a farmer who lived near her home would pick up the boy and return him to school. But unfortunately, in this new school he only lasted 1 day. Because only a day, five classrooms engulfed in flames originating from his eyes.

Fig6 Pyrokinetic : The humans ability to produce fire from his body

Another example is Benedetto Supino from Formia, near Rome, which then became apparent to the community. Starting in 1982, when he read comic books in the dentist’s waiting room was suddenly lit. Since then, he and his family were surprised by several fires. Tables and chairs and various other items on fire every time Benedetto past, including bed linens, or the goods are held, especially books. Similarly, goods which he considers very seriously, as happened on a plastic object held by his uncle.

supino Pyrokinetic : The humans ability to produce fire from his body

The ability that makes Benedetto felt very embarrassed, even depressed. While scientists are not capable of much help. Professor Mario Scuncio of Social Medical Center Tivoli example, justruu give a rather odd diagnosis by assessing the psychological condition of the boy who was quiet and very normal.Dr Bookworm. Giovanni Ballesio, dean of the department of health treatment from Rome University, who had investigated the possibility of abnormalities in people who have the ability to generate high power was not able to find any explanation behind all of the fire. Benedetto just rested his hopes on parapsikolog Demetrio Croce who tried to teach it how to control his ability.

Another pathetic fate experienced by Jennie Bramwell is an orphan. Only in a few weeks after adoption, at Dawson’s house, his adopted family in Thorah Island, Ontario. Has happened dozens of time a small fire. The fire that licked the ceiling, walls, furniture, towels, even the family’s pet cat, occur spontaneously when Jennie was nearby. Jennie was returned to the orphanage.

Nile+Sushumna Pyrokinetic : The humans ability to produce fire from his body

Such a capability was also developed regularly by Tibetan monks and even this is tested in

their initiation process, by wrapping themselves in sheets damp cloth and paper, and spent the night in the cold mountains, sitting in the snow. In the morning, if they pass the exam, paper and fabric will dry out and touch some snow around the monk’s leg bones would melt.

Their technique is called expanding sushumna. Sushumna Kundalini is the path of travel to the spine. Extending sushumna used to increase body temperature and create heat. This capability can also be applied to pyrokinesis (set things up to burn with the power of the mind).

moz screenshot Pyrokinetic : The humans ability to produce fire from his body


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