5 The Richest Football Club Owners

5 The Richest Football Club Owners


Property owners ten richest football club in the world jumped $ 36 billion compared to last year. However, the increase in their wealth is not related to football clubs. More of their wealth comes from rising commodity prices and the recovery of stock markets on the world stage.

They are the tycoons who control the business profitable in the world, ranging from steel, media and fashion. They also invested heavily in commodities such as steel, oil and other mining. Call it like Lakshmi Mittal. India’s millionaire wealth is increased by U.S. $ 9.4 billion from a year ago to $ 28.7 billion.

So, who are they?
Here is a list of billionaire owner of the world’s leading football club like it was written by Forbes.

1. Lakshmi Mittal

lakshmi mittal 5 The Richest Football Club Owners

Wealth: U.S. $ 28.7 billion
Club: Queen’s Park Rangers

Lakshmi is the Indian-born British citizen who controls ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel producer with sales of U.S. $ 65 billion a year. Mittal buys 20 percent stake in Queens Park Rangers (QPR) in 2007. The highest achievements of this club, FA Cup finalists. The main shareholder of QPR, more than 60 percent is the boss of Formula One, which is Bernie Ecclestone.

2. Amancio Ortega
100737 amancio ortega 5 The Richest Football Club Owners

Treasure: U.S. $ 25 billion
Club: Deportivo De La Coruna

Ortega, known as the king of fashion retail giant and founder of Spain, Inditex is known as one of the top world rich. Ball club also is ranked ninth in La Liga. With ratings that are still far than Real Madrid and Barcelona, the club management stressed the need to build a new stadium to be competitive with competitors.

3. Paul Allen
 5 The Richest Football Club Owners

Treasure: U.S. $ 13.5 billion
Club: Seattle Sounders

Micorsoft founder, Paul Allen through Vulcan Sports & Entertainment joined as owner of the Seattle Sounders in 2007. This ball club is also owned by film producer Joe Roth, businessman Adrian Hanauer and Drew Carey. Sounders finish season 2009 in the United States League by winning a record victory.

4. Roman Abramovich
75372 roman abramovic dan dasha zhukova 5 The Richest Football Club Owners

Treasure: U.S. $ 11.2 billion
Club: Chelsea

Two years ago, Roman Abramovich’s wealth Russian authorities had declined due to commodity price declines. However, last year rebounded along with the spike in world steel prices. However, different conditions occur on his ball club. Chelsea suffered a loss of U.S. $ 73 million last year. Although the Blues success in the Premier League since the arrival of Abramovich, but Chelsea’s finances often suffer losses

5. Silvio Berlusconi
70227 silvio berlusconi 5 The Richest Football Club Owners

Treasure: U.S. $ 9 billion
Club: AC Milan

Prime Minister of Italy, as well as the media conglomerate was stung by the accusations of corruption, to ever  with a statue in the city of Milan. Even so, his wealth rose 20 percent last year blessing from its investment in Mediaset and Mediolanum. AC Milan is a prestigious club in Italy, once inhabited by the world soccer star player.


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