World 10 biggest insects

World 10 biggest insects


1. Titan beetle

Amazon rain forest is home to many large beetles, one of the largest is the titan beetle, Titanus giganteus.

These giant insects have jaws that can break a pencil, and reportedly they can tear human flesh. Like many beetles, beetle titan can emit loud hissing sound when threatened.

biggest insect World 10 biggest insects

2. Giant stick insects
610x World 10 biggest insects

Other large insects are Giant Stick Insects, which can hide from predators among the branches, twigs and leaves. Giant Stick Insects of Southeast Asia is the longest, can grow about 2 feet long.

Some species may produce substances that foul-smelling spray, but most are harmless and often kept as pets.

3. Giant Weta
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There are in New Zealand, wetas giant is a large insect related to cicadas. Wetas biggest giants can weigh more than 70 grams (2.5 ounces). They can weigh more than sparrows. With a body size of about 4 inches long not including legs and antennae.

4. Goliath beetle
Goliath Beetle World 10 biggest insects

Based on weight and size, including beetle goliath is the largest insect. Originally from Africa, the males can grow more than 4 inches, and weighs 100 grams (3.5 ounces) in their larval stage. Although they are vegetarian in the wild, they often eat dog and cat food.

5. Atlas Moth
atlas asia World 10 biggest insects

Common in the Malay Archipelago, this insect the size like a bird. They are so large that their cocoons are sometimes used as a wallet in Taiwan.

The total area of ​​their wings can reach 60 inches square and at least 1 foot wide. Silkworm Atlas to more than one inch thick.

6. Tarantula Hawk
091405chumashwasp World 10 biggest insects

These large wasps are very large and ferocious, they are capable of hunting and eating tarantula. There are hooks on their legs which they use to get their victims, and stinging them (one third inch in length) were considered as one of the most painful in dunia.Untungnya, mostly benign unless disturbed.

7. Giant Burrowing Cockroach
macropanesthia rhinoceros 2 World 10 biggest insects

Also called rhinoceros cockroach, this insect is the world’s heaviest cockroach. Some people say that they are good pets. Found in Australia, this insect can live for 10 years and can grow more than 3 inches in length.

8. Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing
butterfly World 10 biggest insects

The largest butterfly in the world, Queen Alexandra birdwing can have a wingspan of more than 1 foot. Only found in remote areas in Papua New Guinea, this beautiful giant already considered threatened with extinction.

9. Giant Water Bug
giant water bug World 10 biggest insects

This very large insect, also known as flea crocodile can reach lengths of rival some of the world’s largest beetle.

Known as a voracious predator in rivers and ponds where they live, this giant aquatic insects can provide painful bite.

However, in Thailand they are regarded as delicacies, and is often harvested and collected by using lights that can attract insects.

10. Acteon Beetle
megasoma acteon 4 World 10 biggest insects

Acteon Megasoma, another species of giant beetles in the Amazon rainforest in South America, can reach lengths of more than 5 inches and can grow as thick as 1.6 inches. He has a tough shell.


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