Real dragon pic caught on Cam

Real dragon pic caught on Cam

On June 22, 2004, an amateur fotogtafer was traveling toward the Tibetan Amdo region to attend the celebration of the opening of the railway Qinghai-Xizang. Then, after attending the event, he took the plane back from Lhasa. When the aircraft had crossed the Himalayas, she took the camera and photograph the beautiful Himalayan sky. Without realizing it, the photographs capture the two dragon-shaped objects in it. He calls the object’s ‘Tibetan Dragons’.

real dragon pic Real dragon pic caught on Cam

2005 8 7 dragon1 Real dragon pic caught on Cam

If we look at the photo, we can see two objects in the form of snakes and covered in scales. Although the photograph does not capture the object completely, but enough to suspect that the two objects is the image of two giant dragon’s tail in flight above the sky among the clouds. This photo was later posted on the forums on the internet news like and, two of the leading media in China. And as expected, this picture raises a lot of discussion and debate in cyberspace. One man commented, ‘No wonder, China is the homeland of the dragon! Nature truly mysterious. ”

In Chinese culture, the Dragon is a mysterious creature who recognized down through the generations as a symbol of Chinese nation. In the records of ancient Chinese dynasties, the dragon is said to often appear when the change of dynasties on earth. Does this creature really existed, yet nobody can answer it. But in ancient Chinese records, there are many testimonies from people who claimed to have witnessed the mystical dragon. One of the most mysterious of events ever recorded is the event ‘dragon falling’. Noted that sometimes people can see the dragon that fell to the ground in certain circumstances.

The events concerning this incident is the most modern in August 1944. A black dragon fell to the ground was reported in the village Weizi Chen family in the yard, about 9.4 miles northwest of Zhaoyuan area, easy way to the south of the river in Heilongjiang province. Black dragon was discovered in the lifeless condition. Eyewitnesses say this creature has horns on his head, scales that covered his entire body and has a smell like fish that attract flies to surrounded him.

‘Tibetan Dragons’ unlikely to stop making us wonder. Are these mysterious creatures really exist?

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