Tragic photo of Bibi Aisha wins World Press Photo 2011

Tragic photo of Bibi Aisha wins World Press Photo 2011


This is Bibi Aisha. A picture of ‘horrible’ crowned the winner of World Press Photo 2011, this weekend. Aisha’s face appeared in the prestigious magazine Time. He was photographed by Jodi Bieber.

Aisha Bibi nose and ears cut off. Uniquely, the cause nose Aisha became one of journalism scandals. Because the Times reported, Aisha tortured Taliban. Apparently Time statement was wrong.

Afghanistan Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) asserted, Aisha was the victim of family violence. After talking with the doctors who treated Aisha, a reporter for Radio Netherlands, Bette Dam, also ensure that the mutilation of girls is not done by the Taliban.

Bibi Aisha photo 2011 300x216 Tragic photo of Bibi Aisha wins World Press Photo 2011

His stepfather who allegedly do that, as punishment for Aisha several times ran away from home and escape from a cruel husband. Married Aisha at the age of twelve. Though statutory minimum age for marriage is 16 years old.

Nurse who treated Aisha told me, it’s almost a lifetime he worked for the hospital in Tarin Kowt, the capital of Uruzgan. He also was there when the mutilated Aisha came with his mother from the Chora valley at midnight August 2009.

His nose was cut. His ears, too. Looks terrible, but it’s not unusual, says nun. He very often see female patients in a state of pathetic. The reason? Family quarrel, revenge. It’s always been this kind of thing happens. During the reign of the Taliban, also during the American invasion.

“Who made this?” Dam asked.

Sister was silent. Director of the hospital argues, the sisters talk too much. He looked at the nurse with a sharp gaze. Sister did not dare say anything about Aisha.

Aisha became famous around the world. Without any investigation made him Time magazine journalist who became an icon legitimize the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. They believe: Aisha tortured Taliban.

“What Happens if We leave Afghanistan – This is what happens if we leave Afghanistan.” This message is printed on the side face of Aisha who was no longer perfect. World shocked. Brazen Taliban! Hajar them! Send more troops!

Sister had to know, not the Taliban who cut his nose and ears Aisha. Similarly, the American commander of Special Forces who took her to a military hospital for further treatment. But after the publication of “the symbol of war” – the nurse no longer dare open your mouth.

In Kabul, Dam spoke with several people about how the Times coverage occurs. A lot of criticism about this. But do not get to the public.

Of course, opposition groups in Afghanistan full of violence. Especially if the soldiers hiding in the valley. But it is difficult to differentiate between good and bad in there.

Finally, Aisha torture suspects were arrested. And his father denied involvement with the Taliban, Afghanistan Human Rights Commission supported his statement. It is time journalists Times apologized for the article and the conclusion was groundlessness.

The apology should also be printed in the newspapers Afghanistan. Broadcast on Afghan radio. Because the balanced reporting on Afghanistan is needed.

The photo became the cover of Time magazine August 1st 2010 it shocked the world. Meanwhile, Aisha is now undergoing plastic surgery in the United States and settled in the country.


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