Will Betelgeuse Explode Before the Year 2012?

Will Betelgeuse Explode Before the Year 2012?


At least this time there were 3 news with a headline that is almost the same. Interesting story loh. In a third news, mentioned the Earth would soon have Two Sun.

Betelgeuse sun pic Will Betelgeuse Explode Before the Year 2012?

One news mention Betelgeuse going supernova over and reach the Earth before 2012 when the star exploded. In other news prediction mentioned by Brad Carter, a senior physics lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, when Betelgeuse explodes as a supernova, it will be very bright to the point that the night would like the traffic system during the day for one or two weeks.

So exciting right? Especially mention all-star red giant in the constellation Orion that will “explode” and looks like “Sun” later this year. It means we will see a “bright star” like the Sun in 2012. That is again, what does this have anything to do with issues of Resurrection?

After trying to know the source of “credible” (the official paper published in the journal or other source first if this is not the result of research) of the news, was known to the news coming from one of the media in Australia.

In preaching the news is not much different, that we will see another sun shining on the Earth if only in a matter of weeks. Also added also that when the explosion occurred, there will be rain nutrino particles hitting the ground even though he was not dangerous anymore.

The question really?

Betelgeuse Star

Betelgeuse, the star of this one very easily identifiable in the night sky. He was among the stars of the constellation Orion the hunter and he is also a bright star to-2 after Rigel in the constellation. You can recognize it easily even when viewed from a city full of light.

Betelgeuse star Will Betelgeuse Explode Before the Year 2012?

Betelgeuse name comes from the Arabic yad al-Jawza which means “hand Jawza”. Jawza itself is a name from the constellation Gemini. At the first medieval one character read when in alihbahasakan into Latin became Bedalgeuze. And in the renaissance, the name was later corrected to Betelgeuse.

The star that is still considered one young when compared with the age of the Sun. But in his class, he has included the old stars who were undergoing great old age as a red giant star.

He was only a few million years but kecerlangannya very large, the light is 100,000 times the Sun light. Size is also a giant star is almost 1,000 times the size of the Sun. The size of the extreme for a star whose life only briefly.

Well, if Betelgeuse was placed in the center of the Solar System, then He will be very great because it covered 1000 times the Sun’s atmosphere so that he will reach Jupiter and swallowing Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and asteroids in the asteroid belt.

The mass of this star reaches about 20 times the mass of the Sun. Stars who have a large mass will have a rapid evolution, as well as Betelgeuse.

In the age of only a few million years, Betelgeuse is currently facing his old age as a red giant all-star and would soon be approaching the end of his life that is exploding as supernovae.

Betelgeuse is also known as variable stars, namely star whose light varies. As a red giant all-star, Betelgeuse is located at a distance of 640 light years is known to have a giant bubble-like structure on the surface of a pulsating star.

Star Betelgeuse is also known to have a large amount of material made from a variety of molecules and dust which are recycled as an ingredient next generation of stars or planets like Earth too. Another fact, this star began to shrink and lose their regular material equivalent to the mass of the Earth each year.

One day, he will end their lives and explode as a supernova within a few million years. When that happens, observers on Earth will have the opportunity to enjoy the bright even in daylight.

Two  Sun and Supernova that reaches the Earth

Well, related news came that we would see two sun at the end of 2011 for several weeks and Betelguese will explode in the range now.

Please note Betelguese located 640 light years from Earth. Incredible distance away, which means the light from Betelgeuse takes 640 years to arrive at Earth and see the human. Thus, changes occurring in the star will not now we can know in just seconds.

Betelgeuse will explode it’s true. But do in 2012? Wow incredible. There was no indication anything about it and even modeling and observation would not be able to predict the time as precisely that.

Betelgeuse will explode in next two years this year. He still took millions of years to end his old age and explode.

The news also mentioned that a supernova will reach the Earth when the star exploded. In the beginning before the translated article which is also called up to the Earth is nutrino particles. Hmm .. Again, distance is a problem.

Betelgeuse is 640 light years, which means he is at a distance of 6,054,738,179,200,000 km or about 6 trillion miles. This distance is too far away to threaten humans.

Quoting Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy, “if there is a supernova that could threaten humans with particle rain, or even fry the man with the light, then it must reside at a distance of 25 light-years. And Betelguese is 25 times farther than that distance.

This means more power to hurt humans can be reduced 600 times. At that distance, when he exploded millions of years. Betelgeuse would look bright indeed secerlang Full Moon. And it’s obviously very bright at night and dazzle the eye.

But definitely this star will not look bright as our sun. He will not even be able to achieve brightness 1/100.000 Sun when seen from Earth. And certainly when that happens, people will not be threatened “.

So there will not be any supernova in 2012 which could confirm the theory of doomsday 2012!


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