This is the Greatest British Nuclear Submarine

This is the Greatest British Nuclear Submarine


HMS Ambush, so it’s new killer submarine British Navy. Although 50% larger than the Swiftsure and Trafalgar submarines, Ambush can move more quietly, even better than a baby dolphin.

Silence makes the boat virtually undetectable enemy ships. Ambush sonar and radar systems are very sensitive so that it can detect ships that are 3 thousand miles away. This means that when Ambush in the English Channel, they can know if there are ships that leave the port of New York.

Ships worth 1.2 billion pounds ($ 16.8 trillion) will be launched at Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England.

However, the head of the British Navy still experiencing nervous because it expects new products do not experience the same fate as its predecessor, HMS Astute. Captain of HMS Astute, Commander Andy Coles was released after HMS Astute submarine ran aground on the Isle of Skye, last October.

hms ambush submarine 300x150 This is the Greatest British Nuclear Submarine

HMS Ambush will carry 38 missiles, a mix of Tomahawk missile has a range of 1240 miles and Spearfish heavyweight torpedo capable of targeting other submarines.

Nuclear-powered machine that used this ship is able to work in water more than 20 knots so memugkinkan Ambush walk 500 miles for one day.

BAE Systems is building seven submarines Asute. Projects worth 6.7 billion pounds ($ 93.8 trillion) has been subject to the budget surplus of 1.4 billion pounds ($ 19.6 trillion) due to some problems and delays.


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