Thumbellina, the world's smallest horse

Thumbellina, the world’s smallest horse


He’s really small, only 17 inches and weighs only 60 pounds, but keep a horse completely. Born of a mini horse race, and was born as a dwarf horse, Thumbellina, the world’s smallest horse.

thumbelina smallest horse 300x198 Thumbellina, the worlds smallest horse

He may not be able to jump high, even skipping a bucket just seems very difficult. But this problem does not seem to be noticed by Thumbellina himself, because he was just crowned as the world’s smallest horse.

thumbellina1 300x232 Thumbellina, the worlds smallest horse

This horse was born in a special breeding miniature horses. Mini Horses usually normal size is 34 inches and weighs about 250 pounds. Since birth, she had seemed small, weighing only 8 pounds, and the maximum weight that can be achieved is like now, 60 pounds.

Abnormality that appears to him is the ability to grow that is limited, let alone he was born in the midst of a mini horse race that is minor, so he was born as her mini-mini horse. According to the owner Thumbellina, Thumbellina would rather play with the dog cocker spaniel owned by them rather than with the horses on the farm

dwarf horse thumbellina 300x233 Thumbellina, the worlds smallest horse

Due to the small body, then do not eat too much, just a bowl of grain.


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